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    STIHL GUY LawnSite Fanatic
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    nice equipment
  2. South Florida Lawns

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    Now I know he will be big in a few years. Way to go with the eXmarks, should last you a while.
  3. 02DURAMAX

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    Looks Great Nice Equipment!!
  4. FinerCutslawnCare

    FinerCutslawnCare LawnSite Bronze Member
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    The truck in the back is mine and the one in front is my dads. He likes to try to help sometimes but I am so picky about my work that sometimes I will just put him on a blower lol! btw in the pick off my lawn that is actually a yard sign...that has brought me in 7 customers, a very good $40 well spent!
  5. FinerCutslawnCare

    FinerCutslawnCare LawnSite Bronze Member
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    That is my goal! Right now my school is trying something new and if u finish most of your highschool classes early they will pay for your college until u graduate, so right now I will be taking landscape drafting and pestcide app! I think that this is a great idea! This means by the time I get done with highschool(last year) I will have a years worth of landscape and pesticide under my belt! WOOT!:weightlifter:
  6. IMAGE

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    WOW!! Good Job! Everything looks great and that is a great story too! Way to get out there and do it!
  7. FinerCutslawnCare

    FinerCutslawnCare LawnSite Bronze Member
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    here is a pick of the shirts I had made...easy and straight to the point! I don't have a logo yet but will some day! Here is a pic of my truck.:cool2:


  8. TXNSLighting

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    Very very impressive. You are doing quite well it seems. Keep it up and dont give anything up.
  9. freshprince94

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    Nice eXmarks. The Deere dosen't quite fit in though lol.
  10. S man

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    Wow! Nice stuff! I know the lazer z and the john deere weren't cheap!

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