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    In my contract, it states that the client acknowledges there may be more than 1 visit per storm and that it'll be plowed by either 5pm and/or 6am depending on what time the snow falls. Takes out the confusion with clients and mine understand it. We had a 13" storm earlier in Dec, I did resi's 3 times (snow started at 1am Sat night/Sun morn and went until late Sun night, so one before Sun morning, one during late evening and then cleaned up on Mon morning) except one of them only twice as that client pays based on depth and I waited until the storm was done for the second push. The one that complains the most actually sent her payment via bill pay before I even sent the invoice! Hopefully there aren't more complaints and I don't have to explain to them the contract terms that they should have read in the first place.

    I need to buy a house w/ land first but I'm trying to decide which is more efficient, to have a one ton dump truck w/ leaf box and a leaf vac on the mower's trailer tongue for clean ups or what you have, a dump trailer with leaf vac on it. I'm assuming you take two trucks and two trailers when you used your mowers on clean ups? I'm just trying to figure out whether I'd want 1 dump truck & trailer or two trucks and two trailers. If you don't mind me asking, what did you pay for the dump trailer?
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    Hey FinerCut's I remember you did EDDM last season believe. What type of turnaround did you get from it? Also, how many mail outs did you do. I have about 2,000 going out last week of the month. I'm hoping to get at least 30 plus customers from it.
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    I think they say anywhere between 1-3% return. Im not sending anything out until atleast first week of march. I think I landed about 10-12 new clients, phone calls from them...atleast 40-50.
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    Hey man, how many accounts do you have now? You still solo? And what's the fastest way you grew your accounts? Thanks man!
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    DC, I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. I haven't been on here for awhile but more on plowsite. I am making the switch back today.

    To answer your question I believe right now we have around 120 but don't quote me on that. This was last year and I would say 98% of my clients stay with me every year. The other 2% is normally them not being able to afford lawncare anymore, buying there own mower, or someone moving.

    Up until last spring I never did any advertising besides word of mouth and a sign in my yard. The spring post cards worked pretty good and I landed a decent amount of new accounts, some full service, others just maintenance here and there. Last spring i sent out 5,000, this spring I plan on sending out 10,000. They say the average return rate on something like this is between 1-3%. I would say it is closer to 1%. On that note the 1% would have a 75% land rate. One reason I think I have come so far with my company is growing slowly. Don't get in over your head and do what you do best. This year we are doing stricly turf and landscape maintenance.
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    Hey FinerCuts, how many crews do you have? Do you just have 1 crew? If so, how many is in your crew?
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    Any updates?
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    yeah any updates? this was a cool thread
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    he hasn't been on here since 3-21-13
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    Hey guys, haven't been on here much but I do have plenty of pics to post soon. I can't at the moment beings I am in South Dakota on a hunting trip, but I will be sure to get on here and get them posted soon!

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