Finish raking attachments?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by stuvecorp, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. stuvecorp

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    Out of all the attachments for lawn prep does anyone use something other than the Harley? I use the Eliminator alot to prep for lawns and haven't seen anyone else use it, we also have the TR3 tractor rake that dad uses and have always had good results.

    Has anyone used the RotoDarin? Alot of times we have to till up existing grass and the rototiller kind of 'chunks' it and doesn't leave a good product to work with, anyone else have this problem? What other attachments do you use and why?
  2. AWJ Services

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    I have had the best luck with breaking up the ground with some sort of plow or scaricifer and then Harley raking the grass out.
    The Rotadiarion works about the same as a Harley rake.

    But our ground is rock Hard 70% of the time with packed clay.
    In the Winter when the ground is good and moist the Harley will do it in one step.

    Scalping the yard first helps alot.
  3. RockSet N' Grade

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    scalp it with a it with a small tractor.......use a box scraper with teeth and roller to level and finish grade or if the situation calls for it, I use a skid with a preperator....
  4. stuvecorp

    stuvecorp LawnSite Fanatic
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    Rock, how have you been? I have never used the preperator or seen anyone use one here. We usually rip it up with the eliminator or rototiller but looking for a better way, don't want to haul the sod chunks away any more.
  5. J. Peterson Grading

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    I do a few different things depending on the job demands.

    Mostly I use a Woods Gill. It does a pretty good job but doesn't do a good job of establishing a good root zone.

    I also use a LandPride 6 shank scarifier. Its nice since you can deep till, but you still have to go back and do some sort of a finish prep pass.

    for more open lots I have a Small field cultivator with a spike breaker bar and rollerpacker finishing unit. Works awesome for prep but, it tills everything up so much that the tractor will sink into the soil and leave small ruts while spreading fert and seed.
    so like I sad I use it only on the more open lots where ruts wont be as noticable.

    I think no matter what you do, you are always going to have to pick up some sort of debris. I think the only way to not have this problem is to Purchase a Screener or a trommel and sift you topsoil before you place it. But if you are like me, the cost out weighs the bennefits.

  6. SiteSolutions

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    I have had good results by breaking up the earth using a disc harrow and/or tiller, then letting the grass die, and then returning to put a harley rake on it. This tends to get out the lumps pretty well in my experience.

    Only down side is having to come out twice, but if the customer wants it done right and is willing to pay for me to make two trips, this is a good solution.
  7. crab

    crab LawnSite Senior Member
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    if you have tractor ,kuhn tiller ,done!
  8. RockSet N' Grade

    RockSet N' Grade LawnSite Silver Member
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    StuveCorp.....I am buried with work. We are leaving at 530am-6am and working 6-7 days a week. Turning work away, which seems to make those I turn away want me even more for some strange reason......We have people waiting for us to do the work, one guy called tonight and offered to bring a check by to hold a spot and we haven't even got a contract signed.......Just got out of a nightmare job (learned alot) on to productivity with quality........back to topic: the only thing I do not like about tilling is that it takes it too deep and it is hard to grade out deep soil. I used to use a tiller years ago.......but that just does gardens now. In our area, seed or grass/sod only needs an inch or so of loose soil to bond to, so I like the preperator for stripping debris to be hauled off or stripping a lawn out and then I like to dress it with a tractor box with a works for me, and I am magic on a tractor....much better than on a skid - so hence, my preference in methods. For large open areas when you can just run, the preperator will make bank. I am kinda out of that because every joe in the world is out there for $50 an hour and I can't survive or fire up my rigs for that......they too will be gone shortly....We are getting alot of re-do's on rock walls (take them down and do them right), concrete walk out basements, rv pads, patio's and tough jobs that are hard to figure out........
  9. stuvecorp

    stuvecorp LawnSite Fanatic
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    Good to hear that you have a good problem(is there such a thing?) with the work, hope the weather holds for you and the wagon wheels stay on.

    You are right about the tiller going to deep. I would like to find something that went on the skid, don't want to make two trips and I like the skid much more than the tractor.
  10. tbi

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    We use a RotoDarin and a Bobcat landscape rake. The only knock on the RotoDarin is some of the larger rocks bind it it. It does do a good job at tilling and burying most of the rock but sometimes we dress the top with a landscape rake (rockhound).

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