Finishing a brick patio in winter

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by kaptaink, Dec 26, 2008.

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    Well, I thought I was good to go. I got my base in for a brick paver patio about 3 weeks ago. Then came the snow. I did tarp the base to try to keep it clean and the snow off of it, but now I am really wondering if I can even lay the patio until spring? Altough I have the area excavated, and my crushed base in, I worry about water and ice in the base causing the patio to settle next spring if I lay the brick now. What say ye? Can I do it, or do I need to wait?
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    No way, can't do it. I was just out there checking yesterday...we hit 42' degrees and melted most of the 1' of snow off. But, this back yard gets very little sun and my tarps were buried under 2" of ice, it looks like a skating rink. I told the customer that at this point we needed to discuss putting the patio on hold until early spring, or whenever things dry out. If he wants to use his hot tub that badly, we can set it where the patio will be and fill it up for him. He can 'pretend' until spring...
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    Yeah, you definitely have to wait until the ground thaws out and then dries. When that happens you may want to touch up the base. Re-compact it to make sure it is still good. It should be fine though if it stays tarped.
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    no can do i lost a patio last winter it was 1600 sqf
    all bluestone we got the first freeze with a little over a 100sqf to go and it waited 4 months to be finished. you may need to touch up the exposed edge as well if you have a heavy freeze thaw cycle the edge will migrate

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