Finn 302 Bark Blower

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by HOLLYWOOD6973, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. HOLLYWOOD6973

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    I was hoping to get some feed back.

    I was thinking of getting a Finn 302 blower and I wanted to know if you guys think I spread enough mulch to justify the cost of the blower?

    The guys from Finn say if your spreading 600yds or more you should have one. Well heres the deal, we do about that much and Ive had to turn down other mulch jobs because we could not get to them in a reasonable time frame. But I was thinking about how much faster we would get jobs done and that would leave more time for more jobs and less labor . Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    You must remember that Finn is making the product and there object is to SELL. They will make it look like you need one. I would figure the price of the Unit,how much I will make in spreading the mulch with a crew versus the Finn Unit,and,are there any possibilities of spreading for other landscape contractors or picking up more accounts. I own a Express Blower EB30. Hope this has been some help and alternatives to look at.
  3. HOLLYWOOD6973

    HOLLYWOOD6973 LawnSite Member
    from PGH PA
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    any one else?
  4. iaeratemystomachwithbeer

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    hey, brand new to the site. I used to be a foreman for a company that put down 15- 20,000 yds per season with 4 different models of finns. the trailered units behind a 12 yd. f550 with a three man crew averaged 36 yds finished per day. (this includes cleanup, as there is a fair amount of overspray.) I used to drive an F650 with the 12 yd. hopper, autotarp, and a deere 115 hp diesel that ran the blower, and in large open beds could put down about 70 yds. a day finished with only 2 men. The smaller blowers were billed at $80/hr for the machine, the larger ones at $120, man hrs. were billed at $45/hr. When I say per day, we were working from 7am-6 or 7 pm minus lunch on average. At the height of the season we were sometimes able to find available blowers for short term rental if we couldn't handle the jobs with our equipment. Now that I'm on my own, I'm too small to warrant this kind of equipment purchase. Hope some of those numbers help in your decision making process.

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