Finn bark blower.....what a piece of junk!

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by nobagger, May 25, 2008.

  1. nobagger

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    We rented a bark blower for a 40+ yard mulch job. The whole idea was to save time so we could get it shot in one day. First I picked the unit up and the wiring was all frigged up so I/we had to fix it before I can mover it. Next, we get the unit to where it needs to go start it up, ten minutes into the job it gets jammed, then jammed again, and again. This thing jammed 8 times in 5 hrs. Needless to say it cost me time over saving me time. Then the thing started shutting down every 30 minutes and wouldnt start for about 20 minutes. I put aprox. 6-7hrs on it and I bet 3-4 hours were from us trying to fix all of the problems this thing came with! If it would have ran right it definetely would have saved time and when it was working right the final out come was a nice even finish. One thing I was disappointed with (even when it was running right) was the velosity the mulch came out with. It would blow a 3 foot ring in the bed down to the dirt throwing mulch everywhere, maybe a larger diameter hose would help I dont know. But for 600 bucks a day rental fee I was not happy! The salesman said after calling him he's not charging me and would give me my check back but that does me no good now. But all in all I've learned these things have a purpose but for the retail price of 25k NOT WORTH IT imo!
  2. topsites

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    Yup yup, been there, done that, more than once even.
  3. Marek

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    Some of that is operator arror. Small tree beds are a no no and as for it clogging up, it was just the flow was turned up to high. We kept ours for 4 yrs then got rid of it, it just wasnt worth it for us. Who did you rent from?
  4. oakhillslandscaping

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    thats disappointing but happens a lot with rental equipment, and brand new prices are big on those units, i was thinking of making that my next big purchase but after hearing your info i may think twice i appreciate your thoughts and experience
  5. HOLLYWOOD6973

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    Now see I've had mine for 2 years and it runs great. You have to know what you doing. You can't just jump on it and expect it to work great, theirs alot to know and do as far as maintenance. It just takes times to get the hang of it. I Had lots of issues at first. The knife has to be sharp and adjusted right.
    We just did 125 yards of mulch in a town house plan in 8 hrs with a 302blower of corse the mulch was on site.
  6. akb25

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    There is a learning curve to the machine. It just takes time.

    We have one, every body can "use" it but only a couple guys can really "operate" it well.
  7. nobagger

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    from Pa
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    I'm trying the 302 in a couple of weeks, he said it might do a better job due to the hose being a 5" diameter vs. a 2 1/2 or 3" diameter of the BB200 (or whatever it was). Either way it is something I will rent or even look to buy in the future!
  8. syzer

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    Amen! We run a 916 and love it. A lot of ppl get on here and tear blowers up, but the truth is, they know anything about them. We couldn't do half of what we do without it.

    There is an adjustment for literally EVERYTHING on these machines, so if there is continual clogging its operator error, turn the conveyor down, slow the airlock up, speed up the pick wheel, have sharp knives set to correct tolerances, dont reduce engine rpms, etc.

    To much air, turn down rpms, adjust airlock and conveyor accordingly. Its all a learning curve, but when you adjust to the sweet spot, oh man, look out.

    Tree rings are very doable, you turn the feed on, and learn the time from stopping the feed, till the line is clear and your good, our guys do it all day long.

    Good luck, they are just another tool of the trade for efficiency and better quality.
  9. syzer

    syzer LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Oh, and dont feed junk through it, that can really mess things up.
  10. PerfectEarth

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    Listen to syzer- he knows exactly what he's talking about. We have ValleyCrest out to a LARGE property I take care of and they bring the big truck out- about 20 yards or something... Anyway, that machine is PICKY! I could never run one without a lot of hours of practice. You can tell the operators who know what they're doing. All of the different moving parts that syzer mentioned- they have to be running in perfect harmony. I know what you're saying tho... the clogs jams have really killed us on productivity in the past. You'd think a big company like VC would really take care of their big money maker but it is quite the opposite. You should see the knives on their machines.... Ugh.

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