Fire ant control after infestation???

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Creative1, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Creative1

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    Have some properties that have become infested with fire ants. Have taken over lawn and flowerbeds. I was thinking of using Advion. Anyone have experience with these and any products succesful with fire ants?
  2. lawnspecialties

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    Advion is good, quick control but quite expensive if a lot is needed. Bifenthrin is cheaper and this late in the season, I'd go that route. I used liquid Bifenthrin last week for the first time and it was even cheaper than granular.

    Next February/March, offer TopChoice to your customers. payup
  3. GravelyNut

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    Amdro. Ignore the don't disturb on the label and knock off the nest top. Then bait. The first thing the ants carry back down is the Amdro. Then the nest dies.
  4. bx24

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    from MA/TX
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    I have used it in Tx and worked great. In fact, I have one bottle left (Advion )that I need to sell. It is 95% full.
  5. txgrassguy

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    Just about any insecticide with friponil in it controls fire ants.
    However, when used in combination with a good bait program along hard edges and foundations, control is enhanced as the baits pull more ants along their forage trails.
    Personally, in clay based soils I apply Top Choice and a bait like Logic and have been observing 13 to 14 months of control.
    Those of you with sand based soils can expect a maximum of seven months off of one app due to the leaching effects of the sand.
    You need to consider that effective control is temperature and moisture dependent - best case scenario is three weeks from application to observable results.
  6. Ric

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    Oh how I miss Diazinon the best ant kill ever. But for fast spot treatment Ortho Fire Ant is the bomb. Some how the ants like it and carry the granules down to the Queen or Queens. Do a search under Fire Ants looking for my screen name, I have posted a ton of info about Fires Ants that I am not going to repeat.

    Bifenthrin or any of the Thrins do a great job of knocking down fire ants and you don't have to use a high rate. The big trick I have found is lots of carrier as it 5 to 10 gallons per thousand. Granules work well but must be watered in right away to get the best control. Watered IN and Watered DOWN are two different things.


    Great post for preventive long term control. Excellent point about Sandy Soil vs Clay soil. This of course is true with fertilizer as well as insecticides. However I might point out that everything you suggested does take weeks to kick in.

    My business model, climate and soil dictates a much different approach. I sell a bi monthly blanket treatment of Bifenthrin for the same annual cost to the customer. My Chemical costs are much much Lower but my labor cost is higher with 6 visits per year. By seeing the customer that often I have the chance to up sell services. I also stay in front of the customer so when renewal time comes they remember me. Ant Control can be a market all to it's self.
  7. gregory

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    i will have to say i have used ric's ant control method this year and haven't had a problem at all this year. last year i used top choice and to treat a acre was very costly and only lasted maybe 6 months or so..... this year spent alot less and hadn't had one problem with ants tks ric.....

    another note on what ric said staying in front of the customer is a good thing that way he remembers you and there are always a chance you can up sell.....
  8. dKoester

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    We have them here in Virginia. One nest I found was about a foot tall. When my brother knocked the top off it it was quickly covered with ants and had lots of drones with wings. The state put this area in quarantine and said they are here to stay and that they are not treating them anymore.
  9. Creative1

    Creative1 LawnSite Member
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    Funny you replied. I actually grew up in Chesapeke and moved away 8-10 yrs ago. The properties I'm talking about are families properties there in Chesapeake and Moyock. I'm wondering if I am able to apply there if I'm not doing it commercially and just helping out family. I'm certified in KY where I live now. They said they have become a nightmare. My step-dad got ate up last week trimming his ditchline.
    Man, that place is exploding. Everytime I go visit, it looks so different. I miss the family pretty bad but don't miss the business of that area:dizzy:
  10. dKoester

    dKoester LawnSite Gold Member
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    Population explosion to say the least. Everything is changing, what used to be fields are now neighborhoods. As far as the application, most likely no, but check anyway with the VDACS to find out.

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