Fire ant controls in Canada

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    I took over a property early this spring for mowing. Before my first mow, my customer calls me up saying his grass is completely dead and does not know why.

    Anyways, after further inspection he has fire ants all over his lawn. Numerous of mounts and his lawn has gone completely dead.

    Whats my best options?

    Its so bad I'm considering sub contracting this out to pest specialist.
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    Ants do not normally eat grass. Look for other causes. Too far north for fire ants(or so I thought until I looked them up online).
    Its probably a different species than that found in the American south.

    Contract this out to someone who can treat them. Boric acid ant baits are a possible method. If not, use an ant bait--wait--probably you cannot treat with pesticides in Canada--unless there is some sort of biorational product available--maybe an insect growth regulator. DE?

    There is a good chance that the grass would recover given plenty of water and a top quality fertilizer program designed to increase grass density. Sod and or seed is another option.
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    Riggle nailed it. Ants are everywhere, and I wouldn't try to de-ant a property unless they were clearly causing problems. If I did, I'd make up a solution of sugar and insecticide and set some out at each mound. They feed it to the queen, who lays the eggs for the next generation.

    Canada's feds are reasonable about lawn chemicals, and I thought the main provinces with their own restrictions are Quebec and Ontario.

    If no solid answer is easily forthcoming, you could talk to the owner about your treating different portions different ways to see what works over time.
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