Fire ants in flower beds?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Bunton Guy, Mar 27, 2008.

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    I usually have fire ants under control on my clients yards but on my yard in perticualr I have been battling fire ants since I moved into this new home a year ago last week. I am on my 3 rotation of flowers in my 3 flower beds and everytime I get to digging and planting with my hands I get attacked before I realize it the fire ants are all over my hands and arms.:hammerhead::cry:

    What can I apply either granular or liquid to combat this little bastards!:weightlifter: These red ants are SO small that I can't generally see them until its to late. All 3 of my flower beds are raised above ground level by about 2.5 ft. The soil I have put down is soft & loamy mix of compost,top soil & soil conditioner used as mulch and mixed in.

    perfect ground for ants to make a colony I realize that now.

    What do you guys suggest I apply? amdro I think is what I used in the past to sprinkly over the flowers. Didn't seem to work that good and took 2 applications and about a 1 and a half to get rid of them.
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    I have the same problem in my mailbox bed (raised as well). I mix Diazinon in with my soil as I'm tilling. I know Diazinon is banned now but there are many other products that took its place. Im not sure about the label but maybe Top Choice or Ceasefire would take care of your ant problem.

    As far as existing mounds- I like Advion. It's not cheap but seems to work well. Again- not sure if it's labeled for beds.

    Where in Charlotte are you? I'm next to So. Meck HS just off Park road.
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    Orthene is both an excellent shrub insecticide and fire ant killer. You can buy it at Walmart or Home Cheapo in a black plastic bottle with a yellow lid.

    Read the label.
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    I used award and DuPont Advion. I have one each I need to sell since I do not need.
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    I've used TopChoice and Advion with very good success for a couple of years in both turf and beds. The Advion controls them for the few weeks it takes for the TopChoice to kick in. It makes a good upsell.

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