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    You got that right! before I started my own company, I worked for another company that had the pest control contract for both Navy bases in Jacksonville. All applicators on base had to be certified (ghp, l&0, wdo) for what they were doing. at the time, all I had was L&O so they put me on a four wheeler with ant bait and a 15 gallon sprayer and my job was to keep the fire ant mounds at or under one mound per acre (per contract). I patrolled about 1500 acres!

    I tried everything except blanket spraying(not allowed) and when I came back through the next month, the mound would be moved within a 20 foot radius of original location. I rodded mounds with talstar, tried rings of bait at varying distances from mound. Frustrating. I started my own company after a year.
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    Why mess around?

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    I did a one time lawn cut a few years back and it was one of the worst infestations I have ever seen. The lawn had lots of small mounds that you couldn't see standing up. The ants carpeted the ground. No large mounds you could avoid. Very, fast aggressive type fire ant. I literally had to run to weedeat:dizzy::cry: Every step, they were on your shoes and headed up your socks. Glad it was a one time deal. Not the type people to spend money on fire ant preventing.
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    Nah that would just spread the little suckers for miles :laugh:
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    I'm inclined to think fire ants, roaches, mosquitos, borrelia burgdorferii, babisiosa, the elm flea weevil, bedbugs/batbugs/birdbugs, whatever's wiping out bees, hantavirus, people of walmart, and a few other pests just thrive:weightlifter: on radiation.

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