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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Varsity L&G, Oct 4, 2005.

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    OK here is the deal. I quoted a job a week back @ 230$. included in this job was a couple hours labor a 30$ dump fee for cleaning out a ditch area of brush mowing and to clean up a small area behind the house of what looked like stuff that was left over from when the old people moved out.

    She did not take the bid for that amount and asked what it would be to just get the ditch and front lawn done. I said around 150 or so and billed her 176$
    she said she had already paid someone to get the back cleaned up and would get him to do it.

    Week goes by after completing the job and she calls and asked me what it would be to get the back done. I quoted the rest of the bid.

    Well I goto do it, it is not moving left overs it is TRASH and is filled with fire-ants. picked up first box and got lit up. truck is now full of fire ants and there is no amount of money you could pay me to go back over and finish that job.

    What would you tell the customer. I did not start this business to become a trash man even if the fire ants were not there.
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    Kinda ran into same thing this summer .... clean up of rental unit ..... told em $750 n never heard back from em .... if I had got it I would have subbed it out for less than $300
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    Spoke with the owner of the house and told her that I did not know a thing about getting rid of fire ants and told her what I used to kill them off the back of my truck. She said they would see about the ants and got of ended the call pretty quick. Don't think I will be hearing from them any time soon.

    Everyone else figures this may be why the guy who was originally asked to do it and paid for it did not complete the job.

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