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    I am in North Carolina along I-95 and in the last couple of years the fire ants have really moved in. I first noticed them on commercial properties and this year they have moved into my high end residential.

    I am thinking of adding fire ant treatments to my list of services. Haven't seen many guys advertising it so it might be good.

    For those who treat them.... are you doing a blanket app or treating individual mounds? How do you charge compared to weed apps? What products are you using?
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    Hi, I live in Louisiana and we have them all over the place here. I don't treat them commercially because I don't have a license to. But for my own yard I found the best way is to get rid of them is to use Ortho Orthene.( It is a white powder that comes in a bottle) Just sprinkle a little on the mounds and wait a couple of days.
    Then come back and use a all season long product. They come in lots of brands and all work about the same. But I prefer the ones that you don't have to water in.
    If you don't get rid of the mounds first the all season stuff won't work at all.
    I pay around $20.00 for 5,000 sqaure feet of coverage.
    Hope this helps
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    thanks tom.

    I have also found this that my local ag university puts out.

    fire ant products are on page 214 and 215. anyone else like any of these products or would stay away from certain ones?
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    not trying to be a smart ass but use the search button and you will find alot of info.. ric has had alot of info on fire ants
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    Fire Ants are a way of life here, get used to them. You can control them, but because they can easily migrate from field to field, it's been difficult to eradicate them.
    I've been using Orthene 75% Turf, Tree & Ornamental Spray Insecticide with success for years. Spot treat the mound with up to one tablespoon, larger mounds require more. I include this as part of my price and service, it's easier on the equipment. I use 3 to 4 pounds per year at about $13.00 per one pound can.
    I've recently started using TalStar PL broadcast in my own yard for year round control, it seems to work for about six months. I get 2 applicatons from a 25 pound bag, cost for a 25 pound bag was about $1.00 per pound.
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    Use bait, you have to kill the queen
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    You said kill the Queen. What about ploymorphic polygyne Solenopsis invicta or monomorphic polygyne Wasmania auropunctata or Solenopsis geminatta which are polymorphic and both monogyne and polygyne. These are all Fire Ants and not the original Polymorphic monogyne Solenopsis invicta fire ants that are native to Brazil??? Or do you even have a clue of what I am talking about?

    Why Buy Bait when in fact you can make your own.

    Level Teaspoon of Boric Acid

    2.5 oz of Honey or corn syrup

    Heat slowly until the Boric Acid has Liquefied and then add 3 oz of water.

    Most all species worker ants can not digest solid food. Therefore Liquid baits are sometime a better choice. Queen ants eat the Nectar of the god's or the Honey Dew from the larva that can digest solid foods. Solid food baits might get to the queen quicker but Liquid baits will bring down the total population quicker and still get to the queen.

    Of course there is more than one way to skin a cat. But Knowing the Morphology of the species you are trying to control and the environment in which they live helps you make better choices of control methods.

    BTFingW This post is my attempt to raise the bar here at LS so I don't have to read about 3 dog toys being sprayed by some fool and having it made into a International incident by the rest of the fools.

    Have a nice day.
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    I dont know why you want to nerd out with an aggressive tone on me.
    First off if you didnt read what grassmaster said....he has multiple properties for ant control, not a patch of dirt he can mix up some honey and smear around. Take advion for example, I would much rather toss .5 oz per thousand as a broadcast bait than mix some honey in a spraypaint can lid. He is trying to make a living. Do you think ants colonies with multiple queens or single queens demand a separate type of control? or were you just trying to impress everyone by throwing up some latin. Edumacate me. Rotate your baits just like you would any insect control (I never said liquid was not bait). BTFing way, do you think raising the bar at lawnsite is advising a professional to use honey!? Tell me how after you explain to the homeowner that their dog died because it ate 6 ounces of borax laced honey.... or was that a chew toy. ps germinata has only one t.
    Have a nice day, and I hope you take this in good fun conversation and not so pissy


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