Fire Ants

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    Extinguish plus has a shaker can. You put it out by putting out 10 granular or there about take three steps and shake it again. Do this all over a property takes about 30 min's an acre at my pace. $15.00 in product 30 minutes in time $150.00 per acre
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    Dumb question. With baits like advion or extinguish. The rates for broadcast are 1.5 lbs per acre. Does that mean that you spread 1.5 lbs/acre over the entire area like fertilizer or do you apply spots in a checkerboard type pattern and let the ants search them out and carry back to colony? The application method confuses me.

    I was considering doing top choice spread over the entire property but I could do 2-3 bait application(a little here and a little there and maybe have another product in hand for mound treatments) and get good control with higher margins.
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    I used top choice for years when maintaining hoa's. We never had any trouble with fire ants or mole crickets after the effect. Never had any call backs. I hear the generic is just as good. We always charged $18 per k. Its tough to sell but usually after the client sees the effects they never blink when the next year comes around.

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