Fire Ants!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Frontier-Lawn, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. Frontier-Lawn

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    I have had it :angry: :dizzy: i have been puting andro on 6 fire ant mounds for 4 weeks now and its not working what to i do now :help: also how do i control scarb wasps i have them all over a flower bed so i cant work it right now.
  2. Bryn

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    As you are putting down Andro, you are either a home owner, or a PCO(Pest Control Operator). But from your post I get the impression that you are a home owner.

    Basically you are putting down a bait. It will take as much as three months to control fire ants with this product. Wait a little longer.

  3. jaybird

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    boiling water on their beds they cant take ive heard. be-carefull.
  4. dpjoseph

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    Your best bet is to put Maxforce Bait granular down around the mounds of dirt. This product will work within 7 to 10 days. I know this because I am a Landscaper and during the winter I am a Certified Pest Control Tech for Commercial Pest control.
  5. Frontier-Lawn

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  6. ArizPestWeed

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    Try all the baits you can find .
    Get some termidor from ebay.
  7. Ric

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    First I will caution you about getting caught applying Pesticides in the state of Florida with out a license. It can bring a $ 5,000 fine. Here is a link where you may read all about Licensing and Florida Pesticide Law

    2nd I will direct you to the search feature here at Lawnsite. At top of this page is a green bar that has writing in it. It starts with the words "User CP" about 3/4 across is the word "SEARCH" click on that word and then enter the subject you wish to ask about. I am sure you will find many answers to any question you ask.

    3rd I would like to give you a link to one of many threads about FIRE ANTS.

    Last I would like to offer you my services should you need a real professional. My phone number is the same area code as yours. However it is a long distant call, for I am in the next town. 629-ANTS
  8. Frontier-Lawn

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    this is on my property. and i can't treat fire ants on any of my customers property's its a free service i want to offer.
  9. James Cormier

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    Im sure FLA is just like mass, For hire doesn't mean you get paid, So if you do it for free your still breaking the law.

    In mass it is illegal to transport ( you know carry it in your truck ) pesticides without your license. This that prevents the uninsured, unlicensed , and clueless landscaper from thinking if they offer for free, then they dont need their license.

    Now if FLA is not like mass, then my apologies, but if it is, hire Ric, or do it right.

    (See, Muddstopper...this is the real problem with this board, not professionals pointing out the proper way to run a business)
  10. Ric

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    Free or paid does matter in Florida

    Look at Florida Law 482. As a property owner that lives on that land you may treat that area. However if you have rental property that you own. It must be treated by a Certified licensed company.

    There is only one loop hole in the law that allows you to make pesticide applications. "The Lawnboy Law" If the owner buys the chemicals at the store and transports them to his home. And if he also supplies all application equipment for the job. He may have his Lawnboy apply those chemicals, but he is liable for any and all problems.

    Now just south of you in the City of North Port there were two gentlemen send to jail for fraud from running a unlicensed pest control company. However in this case they poisoned several people.

    A little more south of you in Poor Charlotte, there was an individual fined $ 5,000 for non chemical pest control. He was using boiling water to kill Fire Ants. BTW he was doing this as a no charge extra for his mowing customers.

    Certified Operators of South West Fla. have a thing called "Operation Sting" They turn in unlicensed applicators and give bonus to those who turn in the most. No one is going to bust your chops on Roundup except the state inspector. However the application business is very competitive and unlicensed applicator are viewed as stealing money or business from those who have gone through the long hard steps to have a license.

    At this time I do not service the Venice, Florida area. However I do have a deal with a Cape Coral lawn service company to net work in his area. Although my tech does 99% of the applications, he is a part time employee of mine and carries a tech card under my license. BTW he also is a member here at LS. This card under my Licenses gives him time toward taking the test. Now this individual has been in business and is not a kid. He has a great attitude and I feel he is the type I can trust completely. We have both benefited from this networking.

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