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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by gunsnroses, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. gunsnroses

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    So I am lucky enough to have the ability to gather all kinds of seafood, in my home town here in South Carolina, any given time. At my personal home I want to build a pit with a swing arm to aid in oyster roasts ect. When the fun is over, I will be able to hose down all the bits of crabs ect and life will be good. I have it all somewhat planned out. My question is the fire pit. I have heard stories of cement exploding...and I dont want to experience that. I know I can use proper fire brick, but I would like to use brick I have, and I believe it will give it an old and seasoned look that I like. Am I correct in believing that I can use a coal kiln fired red brick safely? They are sorta irrigular, some blackish areas, no holes, so i believe they are coal fired. If anyone else has an oyster roast/grill/ firepit, i would love to see it.

  2. jbailey52

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    I can't help you. Not my area, I have only installed the fancy dancy expensive finished units but I'm interested I'm seeing what you build
  3. 2low4NH

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    yes but they will fail over time and may still spall the mortar will fail first though
  4. DVS Hardscaper

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    old bricks have no density. more like sponges. They will not last long with heat.

    unless you enjoy re-doing your work - not a wise idea :)

  5. alldayrj

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    My thread has a pic of a fire pit me and my dad did. It has a fire brick liner and stone exterior with a stone cap. We also plan on a swing arm. Take a look. I would do a fire brick liner and your brick on the outside
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  6. gunsnroses

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    They are new,or unused I should say, But yes they have a sponge they were pushed through an extrusion. Thanks for the help amigos :drinkup:
  7. lawnartists

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    I'm not an expert by any means...but wen we built a fireplug we used a special type of mortar..."refractory mortar" and specific "fire bricks" for the inside of the pit...I'm pretty sure that most other materials will flake and chip
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  8. 2low4NH

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    yes refractory cement use the dry mix premix should not be used outdoors. you can use an SWB or a waterstruck brick. they need to be extremely dense brick. but yes fire brick are a standard practice and unless you like doing things twice I would use the fire brick.
  9. joes169

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    Use the firebrick (4.5" x 9" by 2.25" are about $2 a piece) and lay them with a non-water-soluable refractory mortar (like Heat-Stop II, which IS a dry powder), unless you want to do it twice............

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