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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by jwilkers2vt, Aug 19, 2012.

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    I am installing a Techo-Bloc fire pit on a new patio for a customer, and they want it to be gas. Who are good suppliers of gas rings? I see plenty of them on the internet, but I am looking for a reputable, knowledgable supplier.

    Also, the customer mentioned using sand to disperse the gas, but can you use sand with LP? I thought you could only with Natural Gas. Also, what is a good auto ignitor? I do not want to have to service this thing all the time.

    thanks for the advice

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    I use HPC, I buy a kit that comes with a 30" stainless steel ring and the valve for around $150
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    I have done several fire features in countertops, NG fireplaces etc. I would not recommend you installing this yourself. Get your local fireplace store and start a relationship with them. Only a licensed plumber should be installing this. I have learned there are so many options and requirements that need to be followed. Plus, they will have answers for all the questions you have asked.
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    I would never go to a plumber for running a simple gas line.. Just make sure to do your research before you take a saw zaw to a pressurized gas line.
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    most states require a gas license to touch anything gas. Let me ask you this, if you needed to run electricity out the patio area, would you add another circuit yourself or would you bring in a licensed electrician? You touch a gas line and you own it for life. The line begins to fail in 20 years, guess who they are coming for. If their is an accident caused from a gas line you installed, will your insurance cover it?
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    Gas is dangerous. It does not sit and smolder. It does not have a circuit breaker that can trip.

    Gas explodes.

    We will excavate the trench and install stone dust. But we will
    Not lay a finger on a line, fittings, or couplers or anything.

    We do not install electric either. I'm not a licensed electrician. Nor are lawn jockeys turned bad a$$ patio contractors.
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    I'm not a licensed electrician or a plumber however I'm very confident that my work will not fail. I need to check my local codes again though, I never gave it a second thought.
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    Translation : I'm a hillbilly

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