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  1. JRSlawn

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    On friday of last week I lost my truck a trailer and straw blower to a fire. I was out blowing straw trying to hustle it in for the customer and a little piece of straw caught on fire next thing you know I have 75 bales of straw on fire on the trailer so I pull it up away from the houses and let it burn. I had about 10 bales in the bed of my truck a little bit of wind and the whole truck was lit up. I have some pics of the truck I will try to post. It has been a hell of a week ready to call it a year:cry:
  2. Popper357

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    Dang! see some pics
  3. Old Red

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    Yeah, that sounds like a year ender. Please post pics so I can post them and your story in my shop as a safety reminder.
  4. Killswitch

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    Whoa, what a bummer. Nice job saving the structures.

    Hopefully your insurance will pull through and youll be posting pics of the new rig by spring.
  5. sheshovel

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    You mean to tell me you jumped inside a truck that had a trailer attached with 75 blazing bales of straw on it?And drove it away?You are NUTS!
  6. walker-talker

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    Nuts....yeah...but it sounds like he knew everything was toast (no pun intended) and kept his cool. I guess I will be the one to did the piece of straw catch fire.....exhaust muffler?
  7. JRSlawn

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    Hey guys I will get those pics up tonight or tommarow. Sheshovel the reason I jumped in the truck and pulled it out to the street was because my dad was the builder of the two houses inbetween where the blower was. The blower I used was on the back of a landscape trailer. You dont see these around aymore and now I know why. They are so dangerous. the new ones are on a trailer and the trailer cannot hold any straw meaning you would have to keep it all i the back of the truck. If a piece got on the muffle and lit up it would not be able to get to the other bales. I worked so hard to get a new truck and I had to watch it burn.
  8. sheshovel

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    That is a real bum deal.Your insurance cover that kind of thing by any chance?
    I'm not saying you should not have moved it out of and area where it could have caught houses on fire.
    I'm just saying you must have gonads made of solid steel!
  9. hwm57

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    Wow! Yesterday we were finishing a seeding job at a large factory addition here. I let the guys blow straw while the general contractor took me to lunch, during which he praised my work and promised more big jobs. We came back to the site and as we turned into the entrance he said "whats on fire?". Well, it was my NPR w/landscape body that we were blowing straw off of. Fortunately my guys were able to throw the burning bales off the truck before there was to much damage. I lost the tail lights to the truck and it burned the paint off the tailgate and one side of the strawblower. Apparently some straw came in contact with the belts and the friction caused the straw to ignite. This happened to me once before (with same contractor also) about 4 years ago. The fire dept responded yesterday and after extinguishing the blaze the captain told me he had 3 strawblower fires this year.
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