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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Sep 24, 2005.

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    tell me, how much extra are you charging for all the leaves that have been blanketing the properties, as a result of the drought? only a complete and total moronic fool would clean them at no extra charge. the drought has caused leaves to fall, in quantity, for about the last 2 months. i don't mean one leaf, or 5, or 50, i mean a blanket of leaves covering the turf, and also leaves in the beds. for my clients that pay a flat monthly fee, i show up only every 2-3 weeks, and cut +clean. i charge them the usual monthly fee. this works out fine. the problem is, the "pay per cut" clients. what a joke, there were 2 yesterday, #1- i show up last week, there is a little sign taped to the tree in the front yard, "bob, don't cut this week." ok, fine, i'm there to do the neighbors anyhow. i go back this week, the place is covered in leaves. i run over them, shoot them all over, and proceed with the neighbors. lady #1 comes out, "hey bob, if you want, after you pick up the leaves, you can just pile them in the back along the fence." i'm like, " leaves? what do you mean? today is scheduled for a grasscut, you want a cleanup too?" she goes, "well....yea, it's a mess." i said, "well, don't u want to know how much it's gonna cost, first?" her, "huh, what do you mean?" yea, ok, end of story, find another schmuck to clean your property for $40. client #2- i went over the property, and did use a catcher. some of the leaves got picked up, some didn't. i move on to the neighbors, and the guy comes out waving his arms. i go, "WHAT seems to be the problem?" he's pointing to the lawn. i'm like, "what, i don't understand, what r u saying?" he says, "the leaves, what about the leaves?" i said, "well, who did u talk to when u called?" he goes, "what? talk to who? what r u talking about?" i said, "well, nobody gave me the messege that you requested a cleanup, who did u speak with?" he goes, "what cleanup, it's part of the grasscut, you can't leave the place a wreck, it looks like u werent even here?" i said, "well, let me see if i understand this. you WANT ME , to clean your property, for $28? i'll tell you what. it's still september, i'll service the property until all the leaves are down, for a flat rate of $300, above the weekly grass cutting fee." he goes, "you must be on drugs, i aint paying $300 to have my grass cut." i said, "and i aint doin it, for $28, find another sucker." the story is always the same, THE LAST GUY used to just pick them up with his lawnmower, what's the big deal? the BIG DEAL, is that a 15 minute grasscut, turns into an hour long dusty dirty nasty cleanup. i aint doin it for free. i want to thank all you "last guys" who created this problem. tell me, what are u boys doing about the leaves? anything? free???? clean the leaves, and send a gift?
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    you sure showed them & taught them a good lesson! :D

    I usually have to contact them and ask if they want a leaf removal next time for x amount & they almost always pay for it.
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    I mulch all leaves on the lawn, with double blades. Often I will have to make a second or even third pass.

    Yes, leaves are coming down really early this year, thanks to the drought. But they get mulched anyway, even if it takes more time. It's just part of the service. I'm not leaving the lawn covered in leaves when I'm done......

    NOW, leaves in the beds -- heck no, I'm not cleaning those up.
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    so you go over it upto 3 times for the price of 1???????
    :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:
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    I let all my customers know that when the leaves start coming down I will bag what I can but nothing above and beyond what I normally cut. An extra grass catcher full of leaves isn't a big deal but when there are 2 and 3 and so on then its time to talk more$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ :alien:
  6. naturescape

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    Usually there are only a couple places on the lawn that need to be double-cut, let alone triple cut.

    Now, in late Fall when the leaves are really coming down, I need to double cut everything, and go over some areas 3 times. But at that time of the year, I am no longer edging, and trimming is at a minimum if any.

    If I'm not making $45 - 60 per hour (gross -- for my solo op.), whenever I'm working, then I underpriced the property -- it doesn't happen!
  7. Nosmo

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    Leaves -- what a name. Leave means to go away or it could mean leave things alone. hah Customers like Bobby's don't want things left alone , they want the leaves to go away.

    Well now he has two less customers that he has to listen to what they want and what they are willing to pay.

    For less than $200.00 and mowing at the same time I can get rid of my leaves. If you don't want to bag 'em like you do grass then use a lawn sweeper and pick em up while you mow. Start around the edges and blow every thing towards the middle and make a few passes. Shut off the blades and make a couple passes and pick up a load of them.

    Make a deal with the customer if they want the leaves picked up they get to keep them because you don't haul them off. Ask where they want the sweeper unloaded.Don't put 'em in a corner just tell the customer all I do is pull up near a spot and pull the rope.

    It may not work with some of them but you can't please everybody.

  8. Dirty Water

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    So I think Bobby is down to 3 customers now.
  9. mcwlandscaping

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    I just chop em up till they ask for a cleanup and my clients know that. I am glad the leaves are falling early because with having to work after school and with the days getting shorter and shorter, it gives me more daylight hours to get them cleaned up. Just my 2 cents.
  10. Kelly's Landscaping

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    :) You are right 5 mins I will eat it 1 hour they can go to hell this time of year I blow the leaves to the beds or the sides the lawn needs to be clean the rest does not. I will not do clean ups at this time of year and they cost money when I do them. You could have probably saved the cuts if you were not so rude but then the story would not be as fun to read. But you are in the right on this one they do need to pay more for that type of service.

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