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    i just had to tell a customer to find some one else. picked her up in the begining of April, first problem every time i show up i have to hear what the fert guy says which is almost always wrong . then she agrued about how many cuts she had in April now today she starts to complain that there will be 5 cuts this months i told her theres 5 weeks but she told me to come back on tuesday so that there would only be 4 cuts and i had enough and told her to get lost.
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    i dropped 10 this year not from complaints but they didnt meet my season number which is 10,000
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    Simple future solution......

    Sticky note, professional done that works 2 ways and promotes your company.

    Today "enter your co. info" performed the following services:




    Put down other services you offer with a box to check off. That way, they cannot say you didnt go and they get to see the other services you offer week after week after boring, hardworking underpaid week.
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    I wont get out of bed for less that $12,000
    .... or is it I cant afford a bed cuz I dont make $12,000... not sure...tired

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