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Discussion in 'Employment' started by cutman2000, Oct 19, 2018.

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    I just looked that up.
    I have been interested in and have been doing some poking around with our local airport. Approx 80 acres.
    After just reading some of the Davis Bacon provisions it specifically mentioned (airport) that received federal money's.
    I know after 9/11 our airport installed chainlink around entire property.
    If some of the funds were from federal grants, would or do you know if Davis Bacon would be applicable to a maintenance contract?
    That would up the anty if I present a proposal.
    I will need to wait until after elections so I've still got some time. But that adds a twist.
  2. Charles

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    Here it is $600 and under, I think. No paper work required
  3. TPendagast

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    When you bid a contract it will say if it has special wage requirements
    There’s big bacon
    Little bacon
    Native prevailing wage
    Scaled wages

    But of all the ones I have bid, rarely if ever is maintenance (strictly maintenance) included in Davis bacon wages
    Many times you can read maintenance is not Davis bacon.

    It behooves you to read every contract so you don’t get burned
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    That's what I do. Just get it over with and be done with him.
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    Why put in the extra effort and time? Just pay cash and move on. Most state laws says if you pay someone under $500 for the year, you can pay cash.
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  6. TPendagast

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    Yea BUT
    You need proof of paying him
    So he can’t walk down to DOL and say “I worked there and he never paid me”

    IF anyone does that, you’ll need pay records showing what you paid him

    So got to have something, even if it’s a log he signs saying the amount he received
  7. rclawn

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    I would pay him minimum wage or $50 cash for his 5 hours. Sounds like a real winner anyways he can figure out his own taxes. No 1099 needed if under $600
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    FWIW, here in Michigan, taxes still have to be withheld even under $600. We had an audit a couple years back--brain fart, can't remember if it was UA or WC--and had to pay whichever for all our "day laborers".

    They went back 10 years, and we paid a whopping $300 or $400. Total waste of time. Just as all my audits have been.
  9. danothemano

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    In Nebraska I got 1099d for helping a live event, only earned about $100 or so dollars.
  10. kemco

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    Pay cash and make him sign a receipt

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