Fired another helper today…they only get worse..

Carolina Cuttin' Company

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Swansea, SC
I saw someone else do it
While ago
While driving down the road at 25 mph I passed them
But I’ve seen it before

I was translating the experience for you.

90% of people who have mowed before mean a 21
Another 5% mean a riding tractor

there are fewer experience commercial lawn mower applicants in the US than there are army rangers
We are an elite few!
Then there's the even narrower category of made up of those of us who can operate a Walker! :cool::weightlifter::clapping:


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Hiring mowing guys this year has been by far the worst I’ve experienced. Next year I’m going to do a serious haircut on our mowing route. Super tight and top dollar. We also do a lot of landscaping and fert. I’m really glad I spent the dollars right before the pandemic on a mini skid and a few attachments. It shows up to work everyday no complaints and does as much work as 2 guys.


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Same. Mow customers will get dramatic price increases in order for me to afford to be competitive with McDs... Now offering up to $14 an hour for burger flippers with zero experience which is almost twice our minimum wage. Target doing the same, so is wally world. And the list goes on. " Min wage" will be $15 here whether or not it is mandated it won't matter.

Ate at McDonald's today, well went in and ordered, and had a brief chat with the manager on duty. They still can't fill positions at those wages.

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