Fired Twice and then a NON-SUFFICIENT FUNDS

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by apowell18, May 7, 2007.

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    OK...two customers fired me this past week. Both via email, and neither a reason why. One I think is because of the amount of her bill (only 3 cuts for the month). The other was a verbal agreement for bi-weekly mowing, no biggie because it was cash payment for twice the weekly rate.

    I did a yard clean-up on the second account two Fridays ago. He wrote a check. After the job I went to his bank to get a cashiers check...I always do this with new accounts...NO MONEY!!! I have checked back twice since, including today, and the bank says they can't give a cashiers check (NO MONEY). Well, I only deposit money into the business account twice a month and didn't want to hold on to the check, so I put a hold on it for 11 days and notified the homeowner of the situation via email. Waiting to hear back. Can't wait to show up at his doorstep. I've read these types of threads since I've joined the site and now I have one myself. Just started in March, didn't take long.

    Yes I have a contract with him for the clean-up...$530.00. If this check does bounce in 11 days I will then send a certified letter stating what has happened and that he has 5 business days to pay in full with cashiers or money order. After that I will show up at his door once and post a notice. After that I am uneasy about. Do I take to small claims or just straight to collections?

    He lives in a wealthier town and neighborhood with TWO NEW Lexus' in his garage...I know some of you like to know those things.
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    In Missouri you need to go to the PA at the court house and they will take care of it, very easy I've had to do this twice with renters. You will need to take all the info you have on this guy. I wouldn't wait just do it now, then you might call him and tell him what you did and see if he will payup.
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    i had someone bounce an entire months worth of mowing check on me...i told them about it and she just forgot to move funds around prior to her writing me the check. Hope it all works out for you as nicely as it did for me, but i always feel awkward calling someone saying basically "you're broke, now i know it, please give me more money"
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    Show up at his doorstep often, whenever you're in the area and he'll pay up. Had a guy today try to ignore me on a spring cleanup. I went there after the day was over and knocked on the door. I didn't look ready to play games, all dirty overalls etc... I just stood there and he invited me in and wrote a cheque.

    Being there in person is enough, no need to go further and become threatening. Just being there means a lot. :)
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    Send diz letter:

    [Headers (address, date, etc)]


    Your check in the amount of $xx has been returned for insufficient funds. The bank will not allow to redeposit the check since it has already been presented on two occasions.

    Would you please honor the amount of the check within 5 days, plus the $xx service charge fee for returned checks, to:
    Yourname and
    city State zip

    I must ask this amount of $xxx be paid within 5 days by either cashier's or certified check, or money order. If you have any questions, you can contact me.

    Thank you.

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