Firefighter- Just Finished First Year

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ffduffy24, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. ffduffy24

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    I'll keep it really short. 35 year old full time firefighter. Just started out last year. Passed out a few fliers around my house and picked up 15 accounts. I want to atleast double my accounts next year and plan on expanding with some bigger equipment and a trailer. Really looking forward to it. Any suggestions for success are greatly appreciated. Thanks to everyone for all the tips I've picked up on this site.

    I'd really love to hear from other FIREFIGHTERS about how they run and manage their business.
  2. pjnlandscape

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    I am also just finishing out my first season. I am looking to become a full time firefighter in mass. How much time in a week do you spend ideally in a week to keep a manageable work load?

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    Welcome to the site dude!
  4. ffduffy24

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    It's different every week because of my schedule. But 15 accounts wasn't enough to keep me busy full time on my off days. I figure I could do atleast double or triple the load that I did last year.

    Good luck getting on the FD. It's the best job in the world. I've been on 10 years now. I'm a third generation St. Louis City firefighter.
  5. rocklandls

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    What schedule do you work?
  6. ffduffy24

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    Kelly schedule
  7. MOlawnman

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    Glad to see you had a successful year. I actually started my business before I became a career firefighter. 12 years in business and 8 as a firefighter. I have 7 employees that work for me and they are also career firefighters with the same department. It works well for all of us in that I have someone available to work every day of the week because of the schedule we work (kelly schedule).

    Good luck to you next season!
  8. rocklandls

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    1 on, 2 off?
  9. Th3BullDoz3r

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    St.Louis? That's a great dept! You guys stay busy. Do you guy's run any tillers?
  10. ffduffy24

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    No. Not anymore. We have all 75 foot quints and some 125 ft. hook and ladders.

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