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  1. cuttenup

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    Just wondering how many of you guys out there are fulltime Firefighters or work in any other Public safety field and do this type work part time as extra income. How many weekly accounts do you take care of (mowing, landscaping,etc.)? Thanks
  2. Gaturf

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    Ive been a fulltime firefighter for the past ten years. been in lawncare since 2005. my first season i only had about 20-25 accounts. we work 24 on 48 off down here.....and when i say work i mean it! if i was at a slower dept i could take on many more. this year i just got offered 50-60 weekly accounts. I usually have about 3-4 days off a week (this includes saturdays) then once a month i get a liberty day. So with one helper working while im at work one day i should be able to manage. I usually dont like weekly service because its to hard to schedule so i do 10 day cycles. on a 10 day cycle i could easily handle 50 accounts by myself. Now keep in mind we're talking about small lots down here in atlanta so your in and out in no time. where do you work?

    ga turf
  3. hdhillin

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    I work full time as a federal Law Enforcement Agent. I have had my business 3 years now. My first year I only got about 10 residentual accounts. Then the next season one and a half months into full cutting season I was sent to Arizona for 2 months. Upon my return all my clients claimed they had a cheaper person to cut their lawns. Then last year was sent to AZ. again. So no accounts last year. This year I was told I would not be sent out of the area for more than a week. So I am trying to build clients back up. I am finding out that there are tons of small companies out there. Not having much luck yet, but it is early, so I will hold out hope. My goal is just to suppliment my income with 15-20 residentual accounts.
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    I not a fire fighter or a law enforcement agent Im a publice employee I work for a city cemetery dept full time seasonal and mow on the side that is where I leared to mow some one told me "if you can mow a cemetery you can mow any thing" because of the skill needed to mow around the stones with a walker mower
  5. cuttenup

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    Hey GATURF, I live in VA. I've had as many as 30 weekly accounts. Most of the yards around here are in the county and are fairly big. 3/4 acre or larger. I let about half those go. I've got 15 on the books for this year. We work 24 on 24 off for three shifts then off for 4 days in a row, then the cycle starts over. I've been a FF for 8 years been mowing for 5. It gets hard to keep up sometimes.
  6. jt5019

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    Im a volunteer firefighter but hope to be full time someday. Ill keep a handful of accounts to cut on my days off and hope to still be able to spend the weekends with my family.
  7. T. Matthews

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    full timer here if you run a search of this you will fine this has been posted before
  8. chris buck

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    I am a full time firefighter, but i only mow 10-12 yards per week. I have been mowing now for about three years, but i also work at the local ambulance service part time so i don't really have that much time to take care of a lot of properties. Sure is fun though!
  9. scorch

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    Career firefighter for 21 years, currently a Captain. Started my landscape business 31 years ago. Eventually I switched over to yard maintenance and take care of 20 properties mostly estate type. I also enjoy installing water features. Last summer I installed a 100' one in my own yard. We work two days of 10 hours followed by two 14 hour night shifts and then four days off. Mowing days are either Wednesday/Thursday or Thursday/Friday depending on rain! I live on the Canadian west coast.
  10. corey1977

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