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  1. MOW ED

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    Hey gaturf, kik azz site!!!

    I like 23's video, following all the speed limits is good:laugh:
  2. HGT INC

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    Full time. Lieut. In MI. Work 3 on, 4 off. Do fertilizing & aeration & slit seeding. Have about 190 accounts. Keeps me busy. Been in business since 1980. As I get older, alarms at night, the days are harder. In the winter and on raindays, head right to bed after I get home. Probably sell out in a few years after kids finish college
  3. HGT INC

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    from MI.
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    Full time Lieut. in MI. Been in Bus. since 80. 190 Acts.fert, aeration, slitseeding. Been very good business. We have about 5 other guys here that cut and landscape. Were 3 on and 4 off. will probably be starting next week. Will sell the business and retire in a few, once the kids are out of college. Be safe, Jerry.
  4. Shuter

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    Full time firefighter for the last 9 years and full time landscaper with 50 accounts since 2000. They both fit very well together.
  5. lawnprosteveo

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    Man! 30 calls. You are tough FireScooby.. We only run about 1300 calls per year at our house. Most nights we get to sleep. There are a few we dont and you really feel it the next day.
  6. Gaturf

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    you must be at the station right off jimmy carter. so your like stranger to the bell going off all day and night! been hearing some good rumors about your dept.

  7. Oxmow

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    Tulsa guy here too. Been full time fireMAN...13 years now. Been mowing full time as well for 17 years. Our station is at just over 2100 runs a year.
  8. ktmmedic

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    Fulltime firemedic now for 13 years in Alabama. I currently have 23 year round customers including one school. I also do weed control and fertilizer for about 15 other customers.
  9. Tex Lawn Works

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    24 years old and have been a firefighter / medic in texas for the past three years.. I have been in business since 2001 and currently maintain about 125 weekly accounts. everyone be safe.
  10. Rizzo

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    Wow, holy FF thread this turned out to I'll break it up as being a 10 year law officer and 7 year bomb tech. Just started the lawn care part time last fall. May have to switch over to the fire side for the hours! Our local guys run 24 hour shifts from 3 stations and I think they are only scheduled like 7 or 10 days per month. Maybe I've seen some of you guys in HAZMAT or WMD classes down south... Oh ya, I currently have about 10 accounts. Have a great year!

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