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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by flames46, Feb 12, 2009.

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    Well said - No we don't make enough and for the volly's, I started out volunteering and we have a combo dept., and we're union - don't lump everyone in one box. Some of our best guys are career volunteers.

    This is America right?? We have the right to start a business just like the next guy, to improve our standard of living and provide a service?? Just curious.

    Sorry to take this thread on a tangent.

    Good luck brother. PM if you need any help or anything
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    Dont get all bent out of shape!!!!!

    IT's Jsut a Question, it seems there are a ton of FF here. it doesn't bother me one bit. there are even a few in my town. they call me when they have jobs they can't handle, The few jobs they do have, all's they do is cut grass anyway, Were a Full service Co. the mow and go's useually get a lot of lower class customer, and when the Customers want a Full service they call the Pros. Jsut as I would if a fire got out of hand.

    Lighten up, if it's that stressfull, maybe you should try cutting grass and leave the FD.

    Best of Luck
  3. flames46

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    I appreciate all the information. I have decided to buy a 36" walk behind mower and a 5 x 10 trailer and take the plunge. I've found a Gravely with 220 hours for around $3000. Is that high? This particular model retails for about $4500 new. Oh, about being a fireman, most of us don't do it for the money. In fact, volunteers do it for free. Us career guys are fortunate enough to get paid.(a little) Yall have been very helpful.
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    I was one for 18 years...and I can tell you that the pay SUCKS! I HAD to go into business to feed, clothe, and house my family...and there are only 2 of us.

    Almost ALL firemen have a second job of some sort.
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    Please reconsider that Gravely! Check out Better Outdoor products! You can get a brand new Quick 36 with Kaw KAI for much less than that! I bought my Quick 36 Ninga last year and couldn't be happier! Plus, it is much lighter and more compact than the Gravely, HYDRO TOO! I bought mine for 3000. That included a step saver sulky, Accelerator aluminum grass catcher, 3 sets of blades, service kit with new spindles, cables, etc. 2 new oil filters, 2 new kAW oil change kits, new plugs, and a friggin t-shirt! :clapping:

    You can do it! I am part time and could literally fill every free hour with a new customer if I wanted. You will reach your income goals quickly, just don't let the equipment bug destroy you! Get some decent stuff and stick with it. WANTS AND NEEDS!!! LOL. Check out Craigslist for a used trailer. I search several cities in my area, and there is always a great deal on a used trailer.
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    I don't think most people understand about Firemen.
    I am not one but my father was one for 30+ years before he passed away.

    Here in my area of Florida.
    They work on duty 24 hours then off 48 hours. Meaning at the station not at their home.
    At first you may think this is a great job but I think you need to be dedicated to the service you provide.
    First of all is the sacrifice to their family's. They are gone 24 hours from their household. They may be called out at any time during their shift and may work 24+ hours. When they go home they may not see their family at all because they worked for the last 24+ hours due to responding to a call out to save our lives. So they are resting.

    Besides risking their lives to save ours, I don't know what else you could ask of them.
    Maybe one day when you call 911 because your home is burning down or someone needs emergency assistance you will have a new appreciation of what they do and what they sacrifice to help you in your hour of need.

    Then their pay is not much better than our school teachers.
    Trying to find a part time job to supplement their pay and support their families is worse due to the rotating days off. You think McDonalds is going to hire them when they need a different day off each week?
    I don't think so!

    So give them a break!
  7. ffemtmcd

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    Hit the nail on the head ruben - thanks
  8. Ruben Rocha

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    Just venting I guess.
    Tired of people beating up our civil service Firemen.
    I have all the respect in the world for you guys.

    And I am not one myself.
  9. The majority of people that rip on fireman are either just beginning out or don't have enough clients. Do you really think tru green or brinkman cares that some fireman are mowing some lawns or do doing some install work?
    If you were looking to get more work a fireman is a great person to ask. If he mows the chances are he doesn't do install work. and viceversa. I know a guy that mows full time and he pass me install work he knows that over his head. In return I would give him all my fert and squirt.
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    Sorry everyone. I didn't meant to instigate the Fireman tangent. This was my first post and I didn't realize that it would cause all this. I'm just looking for advice from people who know what they're doing. Thanks for the help.

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