Fireman looking to start part time

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by flames46, Feb 12, 2009.

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    Kind of in the same boat as you. Just going to buy bigger equipment as needed.

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    Yea i would love too get out of the house as much as fireman do. Hay hanging out with buddies , no nagging. well may be not as much............. I use to drive a limo till the business went down hill, mow yards in the season, limo off season. But not I am looking at going over seas to do PMC work. You start see t that here is no money here at all. In Orlando Florida every body cuts every bodies price down to crap. It is worse than when i was in out side sales.

    Most fireman that i know do not mow grass. They teach school at the locial community college and get paid way more and they are in the A/C most of the day.................or the fitness center on their days off.

    I do not mow that much any more just not worth it , so i fitness center most of the time............

    Over seas contractor. is where the money is at. just waitng on a call.
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    Haha... you're right, it sounds different doesn't it.

    Problem is firemen when they are busy, it's crazy busy, but when they are not busy, it's thinking time, and they get to sleep and are on shift so long, there's all kinds of time off. Typically, firemen will come up with all kinds of business ideas, you name it, they've tried it.

    I personally think they should work just like the rest of us, 8 hours on etc...

    It's just me though...

    Good luck
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    Been a FF for 4 years and started a small biz 2 years ago. My two cents start small and do a good job and word of mouth will do the rest. To all the FF haters dont talk crap till you have done it yourself. I love stupid people that talk crap till they are the ones needing the help from a FF. Love ya stupid people keep up the good work.
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    You can go back over the years and find lots of ignorant morons here who have a problem with firefighters. Hey there aren't many professions where you can have full time and volunteers. See many volunteer plumbers? How about volunteer electricians? Any volunteer lawn care operators? (the way some of these clowns price you would think so)
    I am full time for 20 years and a poc for 5 before that, I also mow lawns. I could give a crap less if someone is jealous or ignorant or wahtever. You can take the test and see if you have what it takes to get on the job, otherwise be happy you live in America and have the opportunity to do just about whatever you want.
    This type of thread just stirs sh1t but hey I dove in a second time.
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    other than what everyone else said, i got magnetic signs for my truck (including the tailgate). didnt letter it so i could take them off when it's parked at the fire station.
  7. Hoy landscaping

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    Actually no. they dont get paid enough.
  8. J & D Greens

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    No-body get paid enough these days, everyone has to work 2 jobs and have their spouse work as well to raise a family. I applaud anyone who is willing to go out and get something going instead of waiting for some pie in the sky solution to what it takes to take care of our families needs.

    I started the same way you did to off set medical bill four years ago. Except I worked full-time and got off at 11 am. each day 5 days a week, went out to mow 5 yards afterward.

    I had a echo 210 trimmer and a 21" mower and a McLaine edger to start with. I picked up a used cheap blower and a small trailer, just wide enough to fit two 21" side by side and 7'8" long. It is the best purchase I have made. It cost me only $225.00 and later I put a rack and tail gate on for another for $200.00 I did the work myself, I can fit it any ware that those big rigs can't. Being a solo operator that is about all you need in a trailer anyway for now. It would have been nice to have a 32" or 36" deck mower for the larger yards but even now that I have one (which buy the way it fits in that tiny trailer with the 21"pro-line turned sideways in the back) I find I only have need for it on about 35% of my accounts (they are that small) so if you don't need one right off the bat way spend the money until you do. You have $5,000.00 to start with? I would only buy as you need, The most important being insurance for this line of work (it would be sad to loose everything you own just to make $300-$500 on the side a week) Sounds like you need a good McLaine edger new-$250.00 used-$100.00(I would start with a walk behind first because the first edge on a lot of neglected yards need something powerful enough to cut through it, Then when you are doing enough lawns get a good stick edger). If your mower does a nice job use it until you have the need for another. If it breaks you still will have the funds to go out and buy a new commercial one (but I would save the cash and see if the need is in a deck mower?). My Toro Pro-line 21" is only about $1,000.00 and well worth the money you would spend. (but for that matter any commercial brand 21" would do.

    Now if My calculations are right
    You have
    Insurance-$500 for the bare minimum, it would cost $1,500 to cover everything Truck included. (yearly-solo operator)
    I would hire some (4) older kids 15-18yrs to go in pairs. Do this in March at the latest (make sure they respect the wishes of the ones who just don't want to be disturbed No solicitation of any kind) have them paper a area around 5 mile radius to start. Pay them $25 each for a four hour shift and give them a commission on the accounts they generate with the fliers. Like $2.50 each kid-$10.00 per account landed it would be worth the $10. That will insure they do a good job for you. and your accounts will end up in one general area. You may want them to do the same area twice if you are getting accounts in it established. (like again in May)
    To get started equipment wise $1,250 min, $2,250 if you cover yourself properly insurance wise for the year.
    Make yourself some biz-cards and fliers on that computer you have and hustle up some work before you spend a penny more than you absolutely need to. Keep that $2,750 extra for a rainy day!!

    After three years this being my fourth everything is paid for and if I choose to I can go after as many lawns as I want now that I am retired from my full-time job. If I remain solo I can do 40-50 accounts depending on how tight things remain in my route. Currently I have 30 residential and 2 commercial accounts. (3-1/2 day schedule) rest of the week I'm doing odd jobs for my customers.
    With a three man crew who knows how many? But I won't have to have more equipment than what I currently have until I need to. It is far better to spend as little as you can to make money. You will be surprised at how easily you can loose control of your spending in the line of work.

    Good luck, I hope that your loved ones support you with this venture, that is very important to whether you should go ahead with it. Chow, David
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    Wow. dont call 911 if your kid is dying or your wife is choking...... Everyone is a hater until they need you. We lost a brother in a fire and the city cried our loss for 6 months... promised better staffing and better funding... after 7 months they cut 1.5 million and we lost 15 guys. I no longer care when people bash the brotherhood, because i know they will never figure it out. Not to stray too far from the actual topic.......... APPLICATIONS ARE FREE!!!!!!! They pay is horrible, and yes... we have the right to try to improve the quality of life for our families!

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