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Firepit Lighting



LawnSite Senior Member
Followup from today: we drilled holes diagonally thru the top block into the center of the firepit (the stone cap goes over this), ran the wires down thru the holes and about 4 inches away from the bottom of the firepan. I got some electric tape rated to 212 F,which I will use to wrap the exposed wire,, but I wanted to test it with unwrapped wire, figuring that would be a better idea.
We ran the firepit full blast for an hour, the wires were fine....
Looks like it is going to work out great. I'll send some final pics soon.

Alan B

tampa, fl
I'm late to the game but a 2 small mr8 spotlight with a 15w equivalent and a frosted lens on each end of the pergola, aimed slightly away from the firepit would add some nice soft ambient lighting to the area.
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