Firepit within a paver patio

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by DoubleB, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. DoubleB

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    I was curious as to if you guys could shed some knowledge on a certain project I have coming in the near future. My buddy wants me to construct him a paver patio in his backyard, he also wants to incorporate a built in firepit, which is fine to me. My question is, when I bring the pattern around the pit how do I protect the pack along the walls of the pit so that my pavers dont lose the pack and sink in. Would I use some sort of snap edging, obviously not the plastic kind for it would melt, or do they make certain materials/products for this. Any instructions/details would help out alot. Thanks guys
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    I am no expert on firepits, but I did get this info last year at mahts and I haven't had the oppertunity to install one yet. I would think that you could bury one course of the block and then fill the center with 3/4" - inside of the pit and because it is a circle the force should be equal in all directions and basically the forces should cancel. I have answered another firepit question on here and I posted the picture that ephenry had at mahts so it is worth a look. They do make a aluminum edge that I am aware of but I would bet that it would last in a very hot fire, but I could be wrong. I am sure someone who has built a couple of them will answer you also.

    check this thread out while you wait....

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    You could use a heavy gauge steel fire pit ring. The ring should extend from the top of the pavers to several inches below the bottom of the paver base.
  4. DoubleB

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    So if I used a steel ring or buried fire block layers below grade would the packed grade below the ring or the block hold the pack for the pavers. I like to build my landscapes that can last the test of time. Or would I have to build some kind of base at the bottome of these to hold the pack?
  5. Markf

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    Do a search in this forum. I recall a recent discussion regarding firepits and town codes. Some towns may allow it while others may not. I assume you might check with the fire marshall.
    Just found the thread:
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    I just did a firepit inside my personnal patio. If you are building a regular size firepit (4x4), all you have do is auger a hole in the tap dead center approximately 18" diameter and then trench out to beyond patio. Once you get outside the firepit zone, install rigid perrorated tubing (holes down) and fill in the remainder of the trench with clear drainage gravel. This will provide plenty of area for the base of the firepit wall, keep the pipe away from heat, and still provide ample area for water to escape. I'll get some pictures soon and post them.
  7. Subseven

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    Here ya go...the first shows a nice pit. The second one shows where it would have been nice to have a pit...hehehe. :cool2:


  8. Fat Possum

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    I've built a half dozen or so like this. Lock in your pattern. Cut a 5' diameter and remove from pattern. Excavate sand bed down to base. Split Rumble wall/plantation stone tumbled blocks and line circumfrence of circle. Cutting the last block as a keystone to "pressure fit" is better than a mortared restraint that will eventually fail. The pits pictured are 5+ yrs old and you can pick out the keystone at 10:30 in the circle on the first one.

    Rain drains thru base well enough...(4" crusher run base, with typar 3401 filter fabric between subgrade.) When ashes accumulate, clean out and refill with app purpose c-33 sand.

    Also is nice to use the full sized (sims) plantation stone as a glue and stack 19" seat wall 50" off the outside of the pit to mimic the same radius.


    This one is about 1,500FF wall retaining a pool and 4,000SF pavers. The reveal on the firepit edge is a little higher than I like, due to customer pref.

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