Fireplace construction advice needed.

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    Hey Guys.

    I'm looking for some advice on a fireplace we are constructing (13ft. wide x 5ft. in depth x 12ft.+ tall on the back.) The fireplace will be built at the lowest point of grade using CMU (Concrete Masonry Block) which will be brick faced/veneered. The worksite is on a good down slope as you see in the attached pictures.

    My questions are: Should I tie the concrete block into the pad we are pouring for constructing the fireplace on?

    Should rebar be set and tied in vertically and horizontally and the block then be filled with a high slump concrete?

    Could I potentially, tie the first few courses of block into the concrete pad, and then use geo-grid instead of rebar and concrete filling between layers as you would with a gravity retaining wall?

    Thank you for any helpful information! ~Chris

    Excavation Pic.jpg
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