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    There arn't manny wildfires around here, nut I've always woundered if someone was doing it.

    What about putting a large sptinkler system on the roofs?
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    A large part of my spring clean ups are just that. Firescaping. I trimm all trees up make sure all bushes are away from trees (if not take them completly out.). In other words make sure there is no ladder effect.(ie. grass to bush to tree top.)
    This helps slow the progress of fire if infact one starts.
    I then work with people on either them planting or subing or refering them to a company here that specializes in plants, bushes, and trees that are more fire resistant than others.
    It pays the best but only lasts from early feb to late march.
    If you work it right most states/cities offer grants for doing this. You can make it pretty good when the state is giving people money to for urban fire prevention.

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