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    I have been in the landscaping buisness for about 6 years now. I have recently started selling firewood, to where I am selling about 40 cord a year now. I have a splitter with small conveyor, which makes nice, neat piles, after which I bucket into my truck with a tractor after it is dry. Eventually I would like to make a basic firewood processor setup. You guys who sell wood, what is your setup? What have you found to work well and not so well? Thanks,

    Dan Ford
    Ford's Lawncare
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    Dan, the oliver stores sells some firewood processors. doug
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    I pretty much have the same setup you have but i do it a little differently. I have a guy who splits most of the day. As he splits, the wood goes right into the truck. THe wood gets delivered about 20 minutes away from my house, gets stacked and dries till the next year. Works out good this way, but it's alot of driving.
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    We follow pipeline and cable burial companies and harvest the trees they cut down. We cut 16' logs and load them in a trailer using tongs and a tractor. We then carry the logs back to the barn, cut them to length, split and stack.

    We have stacked before on pallets. Each pallet holds 1/4 a cord of wood. Then shrink wrap the wood on the pallet. When it is time to deliver, you can just forklift (with attachments on the bucket of the tractor) the pallet on the trailer and deliver. But you have to take the tractor with you, which usually means two trailers.
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    I was wondering if anyone else was putting firewood on pallets........I started doing it as well, but I think I put too much wood on a pallet. I figured if I had a 4'x4' pallet it would hold a half cord of wood.........the only problem with that is, it's way too freakin heavy to move........So you're saying a 1/4 cord on a pallet is the way to go?
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    simple question here how much is a cord ? and what are some prices per cord
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    A cubic measure used esp. for firewood and equal to a stack 4x4x8 feet.
    As defined in the dictionary.

    That being said, to me that would be 2 rows of wood 4 feet tall 1 stick wide. Usually 18 to 20 inches long unless special ordered by the customer witch would be extra $$$ and 8 feet long. I would sell for $150.

    This would be a little less than a full cord as each stick should be 24 inches long but most people do not want it that long.
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    you get $150 a cord ?
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    Yes that is correct. Why?

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