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    It is a location thing where I live. I can buy it in the country for $60 a cord or process it myself from the woods and sell it in town for $150. I normally find a neighbor who has had their property logged and buy the tree tops that are left behind for $10 per cord and of course I do all the work, cutting splitting, and hauling. Works well for me.

    I run a add in the local paper and will do several deliveries at one time to save on fuel cost.

    Some people who setup on the side of the road get between $200 and $300 a cord but I can not stand to sit around all day waiting for people to stop by.
    I would go crazy.:dizzy:
    I guess it all depends on your location though.
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    I saw four trucks sitting in the parking lot of Big Lots there in Franklin on 96 the other day when I was up there for a DR's appointment nad thought to myself...GOSH..I would go insane sitting there all day like that. I know there's good money to be made in firewood in a place like Franklin and Brentwood simply because most of those folks have got more money than they have sense, but I just don't think I could stand that sitting around all day.
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    I never understand how that works.

    Lets see I am trying to sell something, let me set up beside everyone else doing the same thing.:confused:

    It seems like there would be a bidding war or something. Lets see that guy over said he would sell for this much. Can you sell cheaper? and back and fourth it would go;)

    It would seem like you would want to find your own location by yourself so there would be no competition.
  4. OSCLandscaping

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    Around here A seasoned cord is selling for $200.00 to $230.00.
  5. eaglejrl

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    A cord is 128 Cubic Feet. 1/4 of a cord then is 32 cubic feet. We usually pick up scrap pallets of different sizes from different places. We measure the length and width of the pallet and multiply them together to get the area. Divide 32 by that number and that tells you how how to stack to get 1/4 a cord on the pallet. Most of the pallets that we use are smaller than 4x4. Half a cord on a pallet would be heavy. Most of what we use are around 3x3 pallets. We stack about 3 1/2 feet high and that gives us 1/4 cord.

    Whether or not that is the way to go is personal preference. We have some that don't buy that much wood and buy 1/4 a cord at a time.
  6. FerrisDiesel

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    Next month I think I am going to up the prices to $200 a cord........that seems to be what everyone else is doing around here now.....I have been charging $175 a cord seasoned and $125 green
    Another question, if people are putting wood on pallets what are they using to move these pallets around and into the customers yard??? What size machine? Will a mid-sized Bobcat with forks move a half a cord on a pallet?? Or will my Johd Deere 110 with forks???
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    has a friend that build a house last yr.and has about 50 oaks down and it all mine for the taken and thought a good way to make a little side money
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    down here, there's a saw mill that sells 16'-20' slabs. how would slabs be for firewood? wouldn't it be like it was already split?
  9. OSCLandscaping

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    I just read in today's paper that with oil prices so high the firewood suppliers are out of seasoned wood already. If you can find it it is now selling for $250.00 - $275.00 per cord.

    I've been considering offering this service for the last couple years, looks like I will next year.
  10. MowHouston

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    Just to clarify for the person who asked what a cord is.

    A cord measures 128 cubic feet no matter how it is stacked. But the normal stack is 4x4x8. Obviously, if you have 16-18 logs, you arent going to have a cord with two rows standing 4ft tall and 8ft wide.

    Here is some more info on the LAW of cords of firewood.

    Here in Houston, a cord of firewood sells for around $200. I sell for $250 stacked and delivered.

    Good luck.

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