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  1. swim

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    In my experience with firewood slabs will not burn very well. There is no room for air between flat slabs so it can not breath and burn well.

    Circles mixed with triangles is the best but most people want every stick split. Huh go figure but with triangles it is much easier to get space between them than flat slabs for it to breath and burn good.
    But if the slabs were thick enough you could split them into triangles.

    For me they have to be oak or people in town will not buy. Huh again there are lots of good burning woods but if you try to explain the types to people in town they still will not buy. Must of had a bad experience or something..
  2. corey4671

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    honestly I've never seen them so I couldn't say how thick they are. A lot of guys I work with get them for bbq pits for the Fourth and Labor Day and they have been happy with them. Honestly though, up there how many people even know the difference between Oak, Hickory or Hackberry?
  3. corey4671

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    to all you guys selling firewood, do you usually just pile it for the customer? If not, how much more do you charge to stack it? I saw an ad in the paper for seasoned oak and hickory for $30/rick picked up. SOunds cheap to me!!
  4. Petr51488

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    I know i'm a little late on the topic.. But i sell firewood for $220.00 a full cord and $120.00 for a half cord. I refuse to stack the wood. It's not even worth the time, especially if i'm by myself, which i am most of the time. If they want me to stack, (only had 1 person ask this year) i charged 40.00 for a 1/2 cord. I wouldn't mind stacking about 10 feet from the truck, but some people want it on their back porch with no truck access to the back. Sorry, i won't do it. (but $$ talks! lol) I've made out pretty good this year. I have about 5 cords left out of about 35. Pretty soon i'm going to have to start splitting for next year.
  5. J&R Landscaping

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    What model logsplitter are you using, what did it run you and how is it holding up?
  6. Petr51488

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    I have the log splitter that they sell in Homedepot. Its got a 5.5 honda engine and i believe a 27ton splitting force. It may be a homedepot product (yard machines) but i keep up with my maintenance and this thing is flawless. It has roughly 300 hours on it and is running strong. I keep the fluids changed and topped off. I don't remember how much i paid but it was somewhere in the area of 1300.00 They have this nice heavy duty commerical engine for around 1800.00. Its been a real great machine.
  7. bj1bmx

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    where in new jersey are you? is this your price delivered? is the wood seasoned oak? im asking because around here, the going rate seems to be $165/cord split, seasoned, and delivered locally. i am near Ocean City, NJ. wondering how you are getting an extra $60 per cord... thanks
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    I sell firewood...Oak & Madrone for $265 a cord. Cedar for $200 per cord. I have a bulldozer and pull the trees to a landing then process the wood. I am in California. I have done over 2500 cords of wood in the last 24 years. It is dangerous work when you pay attention...very dangerous when you do not. I have 6 x 12 dump trailers with 2 foot sides I cut the wood split the wood and throw in a pile. Then I throw the wood the next year in the trailer level with the top and deliver. Do not stack....ever. Not worth the time. Have been hurt bad twice and am getting over the second one right now. Both times have been on same leg...last one broke knee and have plates and screws to repair the knee. It is the main reason I am trying to sell trailer locks for a living. I have designed...Patented and built these trailer locks.
    I do not know much about lawns etc. so that is probably dangerous work if you do not pay attention...Firewood is dangerous most of the time. Nothing timid about chainsaws etc. My 2 cents.... Ken
  9. Charlie's Lawn

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    In New Jersey wood is going for over 200 a cord this year 2007-08
  10. AI Inc

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    Here in southern hn 250-260 a cord is the norm

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