firewood setups


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If I did not have to maintain my equipment and change the oil in my truck I could probably make more money. But splitting a cord of wood by myself in 1 hour would be tough and throwing the wood into truck and then stacking it in 1 hour would be a little easier. But not paying myself a wage would be criminal and then again if I counted all of the money as pure profit...that would be fun until I did my taxes...getting a little confused....need to reread the last post. I am doing something not right or incorrect or out of order. I might not be doing anything or maybe something...need to check this out. Ken
My equipment gets maintained (engine oil every 50 hours, hyrdro filter 50 hours (once a year), hydro oil 100hrs) and the oil does get changed in the truck. I'm saying for a cord to be split and stacked it takes about 2.5 hours which includes driving to the location. 1 hour to split 1 hour to stack +/- and 30 minutes to deliver. All expenses (not including my own labor) is about $35-$40.00 per cord.


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I sell between 50 - 60 cords per year we sell $220.00 cord and $155.00 half cord and I also sell by the scoop about 1/6 of a cord for $65.00 I load it with a case 580 loader and 6 scoops of the bucket I call a cord never have gotten a complaint for shortage


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Hi there...I am brand new to this site. As far as stacking firewood on a pallet goes, I would recommend polyester banding over shrink wrap. It allows more air to circulate, is easier to handle, and does not promote the growth of mold on the wood. If you cut your wood to 16" lengths, you can stack three pieces in a line to get 48". If you make a cube 48" x 48" x 48", you have a half cord. If it is Oak, it will weigh about 2,000 lbs. so you will need a skid steer to move it. Thanks...


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You guys pay for the logs of wood that you use for firewood? I get mine for free and make a killing on firewood. I guess i must be doing something right. I can fit a cord of wood in my truck (have sides made) pic below. It costs me a gallon to bring 1 cord to the location where i store it, a gallon back, 1 hour to split, 1 hour to stack and 1 gallon to deliver. Total expense cost is about $30.00-$40.00 per cord. $40 is max. I charge 220-240 per cord. So, i make about 200.00 per cord profit. I don't split or stack any of the wood. I only deliver and load the wood when selling. The pic below is a full cord (maybe a little more) of seasoned hardwood. The truck handle's it pretty well.
Is your rack 4x4x8 and is the wood all stacked in rack? doug


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Houston, Tx
Anyone ever had any complaints about selling mixed hardwood or do you guys go for a specific wood?

I did all red oak last year but wonder if I could mix it and still sell it well.


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Ill get some pics of our setup but we have two log processors, two splitters, 3 dump trucks, and 2 super dutys a loader, two bobcats and like 20 chain saws. We have been doing firewood for almost 11 years now. Sell to just about every major restaurant around here and 1000s of people a year. Its a great business once you get into it and start to get people that are always buying from you plus for some reason i get most people from word of mouth. Plus just about every major tree service around here brings there wood to us and we also do tree jobs so ill never run out of wood!. Ill get some pictures this week of our setup!.


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Hey Virginia do you buy the logs from the tree companies? If so what do u pay? I was thinking about contacting some of my local companies but am not really sure of what to pay or if I should (gives them a place to lose some of there smaller logs), etc.