firewood setups

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So far so good with the PTO driven processor. When looking at processors there is a major price difference in a PTO and "self" powered machine. Already owning a tractor makes this a pretty easy decision.

Firewood is a new business for us so we are still building that customer base. This processor will out-produce what we can sell, so for now it is perfect. The one thing I do have to say though is I can't imagine trying to do this without another piece of equipment to load logs with. There are some self loading tables out there but you still have to move your logs to the table. If you were trying to do this manually your production would be at a crawl. What I am trying to say is if the Kubota is your only piece of equipment maybe looking into a self powered unit might be a good idea so you can move logs with the kubota and keep on producing with the processor.