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  1. bigkyle

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    ow do most people go about getting all the firewood that they sell? im interested in learning more about how i can start to sell some.
  2. corey4671

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    Well, I know a local sawmill here will sell you all the slabs your trailer will hold for $25. I always wondered if it would be worthwhile to buy a trailer load and saw them up. Wouldn't it be close to the same as split wood? a buddy of mine says that is all he ever buys for his bbq pit.
  3. godzilla

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    Just call up some tree companies and tell them you want wood. Odds are they will be more than happy to start bringing wood to your location. You might have to throw them a few bucks though. Also make sure you tell them what you are looking for... ie; 10' long, 24" long, etc. Plus tell them you don't want pine, tulip, etc. If you have a certain diameter limit that you can handle then let them know. Obviously the more open you are to taking things the more appealing you will be to them, however it is what it is.
  4. Hondoman

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    Yes, tree services are the best place. A lot of them already sell their own firewood, so it may be hard to find someone. Some homeowners are glad to get rid of wood, maybe run an ad?
  5. danieib2

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    I have a friend with 200+ acre farm that lets us cut as much as we want. It works out good for him because he gets a lot of dead trees cleared out and we profit from the wood.
    Don't know if you have access to anything like that.
  6. bigmudder77

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    o yes firewood is a big seller down here and we had a storm come in over the summer and knocked down 1000s of trees on my grandpas and tons of other people back yards.

    but what i did when i didnt have the trees down was i went to people that had woods and asked if i could cut up some of the dead trees or if they wanted any cut down the older people were more than happy to have me cut them up. also i went to farms with woods some let me some didnt. its hard work but the profit is great at $100 a load on a 6ft bed (less than a half of cord) it is just crazy what some people pay for wood to try to save on gas and if you dont burn alot it will save you but if you burn alot it wont at thoes prices.

    ya make sure you spilt them if you sell them (unless they have an out door wood burner) cause they can sue you if a log rolls out of there fireplace and burns there house down stupid i know but it has happened

    hope that helped you

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