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  1. dmk395

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    I know this a little off the topic, but i think firewood may be a good complement to landscapers (those in cold climates). Going rate in Massachusetts is about 140 per cord. Right now i am not totally jumping into this business, but I have my truck and my husky saw and my maul (splitter will be needed real soon!) Anybody else entertain these thoughts, or having success?
  2. ant

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    i buy wood split for 80 cord ,rap it into 1 cu.ft. bundles and sell it to a few mom/pop stores
  3. Cutter1

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    I have a pile of cherry and oak I plan on splitting and selling for this year. It is a good business and it keeps me busy in my down time.
  4. little green guy

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    How much is a cord?

    I have a couple ideas for the winter. I'm gonna do interior painting. Nice and warm inside. I might also try christmas decorating. I was also thinking about picking up christmas trees after chritmas for people. Alot of people don't know what to do with there trees, charge em 10.00. If I pick up 50 trees in one load on the trailer there's 500.00 just to grab a tree and toss it on the trailer and bring them to the dumps. All this is a good way to advertise and get new landscape work too.
  5. Toddppm

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    I've got about 20 cords i will be selling, hopefully without advertising except for my existing customers. We get it free, when we take down a tree we charge extra to haul it away, even then by the time you get it back ,store it, split it, load it up again and deliver it, there's hardly any money in it.Most tree services around here give their wood away free unsplit to whoever wants it. There's much better ways to make money, can't wait for the snow!

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