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@Mowing monkey.

I think for a lot of my customers it isn’t a need to stay warm but a want to enjoy the fire. Most homes we are delivering to are probably 4000-8000 sq ft with a fireplace in the living room. That one fireplace isn’t doing much but show.


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I was in the firewood business for 5 years. This was about 7 years ago. I made good money and had a lot of repeat customers, as an older gentleman gave me his customer list and retired. I had two big tandem dually gooseneck trailers, and would buy all my wood up in Oklahoma, then haul it back here to north Texas. I would leave one trailer there, and the cutter would split and load it. Then, when I went to get it, I would leave him an empty trailer. Most of my sales were "delivered and stacked". Not only did I make money on the wood, but I made money on the delivery and stacking. I did not cut or split any of my own wood. That is a lot of work if you are not set up for it. I sold about 60 cords/year, mostly in the fall and winter. I did have a couple of BBQ places that bought in the summer.
I got out of the business only because my shoulders, back , and legs could not take all the work anymore. Just too much work for someone nearing 65. I really liked the people who I dealt with. It was a good job while it lasted.


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I have maybe 1/3 of what you have in that pic. I’m just starting to slowly hand chop everything. I will absolutely come by sometime after this summer. I do not want to commit myself 100%, maybe more so just work on doing firewood when I have absolutely nothing else going on but with the amount of minor tree work we do I can easily have a few cords worth by the Fall.
I bought a non running splitter 2 years ago, fixed it before it was off the trailer. Best $250 I ever spent.