Firing customers

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by ecoguy, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. Kiril

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    rofl ......
  2. Barefoot James

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    Love it King Phil when you coming to KY to check on your trees?? lets hook up!
  3. Victor

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    The pedanticism you're displaying Piste, is usually displayed by individuals with self-esteem issues of their own. You know what they say about people who live in glass houses. Mike and Eco were just trying to make a point. Relax.
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  4. piste

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    Heh...pretty good Dr. Vic....No self esteem issues here...and no out of check ego here. I guess one could easily dismiss ANY legitimate points they disagree with with by claiming pedanticism...if that's even a word...but I won't be pedantic about your vocabulary. This thread has page upon page of blowhards mostly touting about how they "fire" customers. How else would you explain such blatant and widespread misuse of the term?? MAny in this business have no clue what service means...and as soon as they have to work through any issue with a customer...suddenly the customer is a PITA...and the guy who cuts grass for a living is suddenly Donald Trump and...THEY'RE FIRED! :)
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  5. Rayholio

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    I've done it.. I basicly tell them that the business relationship is not mutually beneficial and that they're welcome to call me and ask for advice on their lawn care.. but I am not interested in servicing the account further..

    In other words, I try to transition to a 'consultant' role instead of a technition role.
  6. americanlawn

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    We commonly cancel about two dozen accounts per year. Most are due to non payment, but a handful are due to customer neglect.

    Mowing a (full sun) Kentucky bluegrass lawn at a "one inch height" during July/August = not good. Had two customers this past summer get MAD AT ME, cuz "I used a ruler" to measure their cutting height! jeese - I can't fight stupid.

    Both said measuring their cutting height was uncalled for. WTF????

    Both also said, "Right after you applied the last treatment" ....bla bla bla.

    We have a code for these individuals : "DNR" (do not renew)

    Plus, we never step foot on their property again - even if it's half way thru the season.

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