First 2 days on PG Ultra.. observations....

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by LwnmwrMan22, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. LwnmwrMan22

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    First I'd like to point out I don't do fert / chemicals for a living, I mow for a living and do the chemicals as add-ons.

    I've strictly used Lesco's Dimension 19-0-6 granular, about 2000 lbs, give or take 1 or 2.

    Now, with that out of the way... :)

    Anyways, I've done 500,000 sq. ft in the last 2 days (8 engine hours).

    I haven't had of the holes stick shut yet, I've had very minimal dust buildup. I realize that this would most likely be attributable to the fertilizer itself, that's what it was stated earlier.

    The second bag that I used, I did have a problem with the holes plugging, but it was a bag that had been sitting in the back of my truck for a week, and had gotten damp from rain over the weekend. The bag is plastic, Lesco's fert. I believe is all plastic bags now, but it was still slightly clumpy. Once again I deemed this as my fault for using slightly sticky fertilizer.

    One thing that I do have a problem with, and was wondering if anyone else has this issue.... I've run out of gas 2-3 times, each time after running out, before it'll run smooth, I've got to fill the tank all the way up, then shut the GAS off and run it full choke until it burns up the gas in the line. Then I can turn the gas back on, start it and it runs fine. Must be getting air in the fuel line???

    The other little nit-picky thing I've got, is I wish the deflector, throw of the fertilzer was the other side. Since I mow, I "go around" my properties the opposite direction that I have to go with the deflector down on the PG. If it was the opposite side, I could travel my properties the same direction, and I'd already know in the back of my mind where to duck. :)

    I've already turned the squirt bottle holder into a "flag-stick" holder with some PVC pipe and a little pouch to hold flags.

    Anyways, got another 4000 lbs of fertilizer to go before this round is over, hopefully have that down tomorrow (long day), then my 35 accounts are done, until Momentum next month and I get to see if the sprayer works.

  2. meets1

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    I am glad things are going good for ya and the PG. I like mine but as you stated - needs a bigger tank. I have never had trouble with that though. When I have ran out of gas, I gill it, choke and go. I did the same with the bottle holder - I put a 2" PVC pipe in the holder with a cap on the end, zip striped the pvc to the holder and now I have flags.
  3. grassguy_

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    I know what your talking about with the problem of stating again after a fill up. Have found it true with the centri models as well, the excessive motor vibration when the tank is low causes air to mix and get trpped into the gas line flow and thus causes the engine to run rough for a few minutes. I too hate the probelm of not having a larger tank on the ssystems but something I'm considering making a change with at the end of this season by some means. My Ultra I've never really cared for the way they set up the adjustments either for distribution, just too many adjustments to keep in control for smooth operation.
  4. turfsurfer

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    Just picked my Ultra up yesterday. Haven't done anything yet but put 1/2 hour on it driving it around. It runs fine and doesn't stall like I've heard elsewhere so far. Will probably spend a good deal of time getting the spray calibrated and some practice with water before I spray with it later this week. Also kind of hard to shift gears, but have had a Peerless transmission before on mowers and know that they are pretty decent.
    Question for those of you with some experience. Are you guys shutting off the fert hopper on your turns or leaving it open? If leaving it open are you making a half width trim pass followed by a full width trim pass to give you the extra turning room, or how are you making your turns so you don't overapply at the ends? Is there a users forum or site somewhere that has some of the dial rates for various Lesco products listed? This will take a little adjusting from using a push spreader, but once I figure it out I can see a big increase in production. Otherwise, like I've stated before, IT WILL BE GOING BACK!!
  5. grassguy_

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    I have usually made a trim pass since weeds are on the edges so heavily now, then made passes back and forth and shut off beofre going through the trim pass. There are times however that if I don't need to trim I'll make my turns and keep the hopper open coming short of the edge to avoid overspray into drives, sidewalks etc.
  6. Tony Clifton

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    How well do the permagreens work on residential lawns?
  7. turfsurfer

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    I probably made my question confusing by jumping topics between liquid and granular. I actually meant how do you handle the trim passes and turning when doing granular fert so that you don't have light or dark spots at the ends, and do you shut off the fertilizer hopper? I thought I have read in the past of guys leaving a teardrop shaped lighter/darker area at the ends of their runs do to their application technique with the PG.
    After doing my spring blanket weed app with the PG, I will probably only be using the liquid as a spot spray while fertilizing.
  8. LwnmwrMan22

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    When I'd get to the ends, or if the yard was irregular, or anytime going around a tree, bush, planting area, etc., I'd shut'er down and flip it back on. Took a little while to get used to, but I got the hang of it.

    Wish I had longer fingers to hold the throttle down and flip the lever open and close, JUST a little short and the hand gets tired on the 5+ acre apps.

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