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First acumulating snow fall for WV.

Man is it ever snowing and turning the ground white out their this evening , good greif we have not even had a good killing frost, This is not good trees with 70-99% of their leaves , and we got snow comming down like it was the middle of winter ,


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I was shocked, it was raining, but it turned over to a wet snow.. Nothing is sticking though. Matt walked to my mom's house this evening, and he saw these people staring up into the sky. Matt stops and says, "suprised to see it snowing already huh?" The guy says, "We never saw snow before, we just moved here from Florida." ... I'm sure hoping it's not going to be a snowy winter.


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C&K--where in West b g VA. are you?


bill w

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What was the total accumulation?
I have a picture of a couple inches taken Oct 10 a few years back. It didn't hurt anything.


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Here at my fiances house we lost 2 maple trees , weight of snow toped em, had 8.5 inches at noon in the bed of my pickup ,

12 miles out on the farm , mass destruction , will have pics up soon not a very ,bad day.


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Morgantown, W.Va. (October 25, 2005) - A big surprise for Monongalia County residents this morning...a nice white blanket of snow. Monongalia County Emergency Management Director Ron Kyle says he was surprised by the snow, they didn't think the temperatures would drop low enough to snow. Power has been knocked out for thousands. 54,000 Allegheny Energy customers in North Central West Virginia are without power and officials say it could be until Wednesday before the power is restored. The biggest problem is the leaves are still on the trees. The wet heavy snow sits on the tree limbs and breaks them off, ripping down power lines and blocking roads.


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First Snowfall Wreaks Havoc In North Central W.Va.
Posted 10/25/2005 07:14 AM

Snow blankets one of Clarksburg's neighborhoods.
Early snow causes extensive power outages and school closings.
Story by Gabe Gutierrez Email | Bio

Stephen Gale, a spokesman for Allegheny Power, is reporting about 18,000 customers in North Central West Virginia are without power Tuesday morning. "Since the damage is so widespread, it may be a couple of days before all customers are back online," Gale said.

Here's a county-by-county breakdown: Harrison County: 1,823 customers without power; Marion County: 3,382; Monongalia County: 5,943; Randolph County: 1,052; Upshur County: 979; and Barbour County: 778.

All of downtown Morgantown was without power early Tuesday. The outages also extended to Willowdale Cheat Lake, parts of Westover and parts of Sunnyside.

Schools were closed Tuesday in Preston, Monongalia, Marion, Upshur and Garrett counties.

Emergency responders spent the morning clearing downed trees and power lines throughout the area.

DOH clean-up trucks are already out in Upshur County, but still no word on other counties. There were no reports of significant damage in Lewis, Gilmer, Ritchie or Doddridge counties.

Thousands of Residents Without Power
Posted 10/25/2005 06:19 PM

All of this snow led to some major power outages in North Central West Virginia. Thousands of people are without electricity, which caused some headaches for Allegheny Power.
Story by Elizabeth Schubert Email | Bio

The problem: wet heavy snow weighed down tree branches. Those branches fell into power lines, knocking them to the ground.

In Clarksburg, a power line fell near the Harrison County Historical Society. Allegheny Power crews had to block off a small section of the road to prevent drivers from hitting it.

In Monongalia County, where about half of residents were without power at the height of the storm, there plenty of downed power lines as well. Traffic lights were out near Beechurst Avenue, causing some delays, and traffic tie-ups.

12 News spoke with Allegheny Power spokesman Allen Staggers. These are approximate numbers for customers without power as of 5:30 Tuesday evening.

Monongalia: 18, 000 Marion: 9, 500 Harrison: 9, 000 Preston: 7500 Barbour: 5000 Taylor: 4700 Upshur: 3600 Randolph: 3600 Lewis: 3500 Tucker: 2400 Wetzel: 1400 Doddridge: 1100

Staggers say crews are working hard, but it could be a day or more before the power comes back on.

Road Conditions Touchy in North Central West Virginia
Posted 10/25/2005 06:26 PM

Crews worked long and hard to keep the roads clear. The biggest problem was falling trees.
Story by Lauren Hills Email | Bio

Anyone who had to commute to work in North Central West Virginia on Tuesday morning knows how bad the roads were. Many lights were out which really slowed down the morning commute even more.

In Morgantown, lights were out at at least four differernt intersections. Many people even chose to walk to work instead of try to drive. In Harrison County, a big tree fell over on the side of the road on I-79. And further down south in Buckhannon, crews wre working hard trying to get the roads clear. But many people said it's not the main roads that posed the problem.

"What's really tough is the side streets and the danger of walking under trees because, I don't know id you've noticed, but a lot of branches have come down", said Morgantown resident John Shibley. "I know my house is almost covered with broken down branches."

Many people said it seemed like it was taking crews a long time to clear the roads, but the Division of Highways has to voer six counties, which add up to nearly 5,000 miles of road.

Yea they always have some excuse LOL They never even plowed 50% of the roads in Monongalia county all day