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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by aircorelocke, Mar 26, 2013.

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    What is the best thing to put down on your first application of a fertilizer program when the customer is wanting Aeration and Overseeding, do you use a Pre emergence right at start and come back 4 weeks and then aerate and seed or areate right away in spring and overseed and put down a regular fertilizer then spray crabgrass later in the year
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    Put the seed down as soon as the snow is gone... which is a muddy time to aerate, so run a seeder or broadcast and let the frost set the seed for you...

    Why the aerator???
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    How is that going to work? :confused::confused::confused:

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    Whenever you're seeding in the spring time, ALWAYS use Anderson's 12-24-12 Siduron to grow your seed and keep crabgrass under control. I recommend using the full rate TWICE, with each application 30 days apart. The full rate will cover 7,500 sq. ft. With two applications of this (one on the day of seeding and the other at the 30 day mark), you'll get 60 days of crabgrass free growing, which is plenty of time to grow your seed. At the 60 day mark, apply Lesco's 19-0-6 Dimension or an equivalent product to carry you through the rest of the season in regards to preventing crabgrass.

    Two applications of Siduron are a must and at $100+ per bag, you'll need to factor that into your seed estimates. Without it, you're more than likely going to fail and your customers are going to be miserable. Either pay upfront for the proper products or pay on the back end at the end of the season when you're going to have to re-seed everything.

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