First Application for quick green up really needed?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by prosoil, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. prosoil

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    TruGreen sells to a lot of people for 7 applications and they are already out putting down granular for a quick green up. It's only in the upper 30's low 40's for the high here. How warm does the soil have to be for this to actually work? Is it just a waste of money for the consumer or should I push it just like all the big boys are and have the public fooled?
  2. FdLLawnMan

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    No, No, No. All they are putting down is urea. It is doing no good whatsoever until the soil warms, and then the grass will grow like crazy. This early fertilization drives me nuts. Early spring green-up is from the prior season's late fall application. Early nitrogen causes too much top growth, reduced root growth, lower drought tolerance, and possible disease problems later in the year. They are shafting the customer and applying unnecessary fertilizer.
  3. Runner

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    Basically....all in the name of Joe Homeowner having a "quick green" and one of the first green lawns on the block. People get fired up about this kind of thing. It is a misnomer that if it is green first, it is healthier.
  4. LwnMnWoody

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    Here, here!:clapping: It is so very hard to get the customer to understand that. I use a low N pre-M, usually 5-5-25 in the spring if I'm not spraying it. I tell them that I am the professional and just leave it to me. Usually ends up ok.
  5. MStine315

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    And what is the winterizer for???? That's what kills me. I don't care which one, but geez, not both.
  6. Runner

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    LOL...There's a whole different point, altogether! I guess this kind of falls into our 6 application conversation! :)
  7. humble1

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    How else are they going to upsell their fungicide treatments:waving:?
  8. Whitey4

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    Actually, for new accounts, not knowing what was or wasn't put down for a winterizing app, I use Anderson's 20-3-10 w/Barricade for my first app. I guess you could say I am selling out to market pressures for customers that want an early green up. The few carry over accounts from last year that I used a good fall app on, I use very little N.

    First year accounts are different in my opinion. They are antsy, and may not trust my advice yet. So, I compromise a bit. New accounts are also new for a reason.... they weren't happy with the last guy. Getting off to a green start, while not being irresponsible is a reasonable trade off. I'll cut the N down with later apps during the year. The Anderson's also is slow release, so it won't all go to early top growth.

    A bit of iron will help green it up early without the top growth. People want to see immediate visable results, and sometimes that means compromising a bit with a new customer.
  9. grassman177

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    i use a lower slow release n with my first round with pre emergent. dont need to push the growth too much. it has alot to do with the rate of n you apply in fall. i go with a lower rate on a 34-3-7 and much of it gets used up in the winter, assuming we have moisture. putting it down at 3 lbs per 1000. about a lb of n for three months, not bad. this way i dont have to chase the grass in spring as we used to when using urea. some lawns i put it down even lighter when i know they are a beast in the spring.
  10. Frank Fescue

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    Use the fact that the lawn will green up anyway to pretend to put down something that will green the lawn up. $$$$$$$

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