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If it works out great, if it doesn't great. There are millions of jobs out there and they come and go. Be patient, be professional and be honest. Take care of your customers and they'll take care of you. Please let us know how it works out and best of luck!


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Just wanted to update this.

The job took three different sessions, mostly due to me being on limited time and it being my first ever real mowing/trimming/weeding work, aside from mowing my own yard.

After the 2nd day, I told the client that I wouldn't be able to do part of what I said, which was clearing all the weeds out of this giant gravel lot. Told him I'd finish the rest of the job, and he could pay me whatever he wanted. Tried to be upfront and honest with him throughout the process

1) I will absolutely stand by my work.

2) Unless I know the client isn't going to pay, or they're being unreasonable, I intend to finish what I say I'm going to do, as long as it's within my ability.

I originally bid $190 for the initial cleanup. Way underbid for the job, and over promised the work for the client.

Made a video walk through of the project once I finished this morning (had to wait to finish because we had multiple days of rain and the lawn section was essentially a giant puddle). The guy lives about four hours away from the property, so he can't just drive up to check on things everyday.

Guy called me, told me to charge him $250 cause the place looked so damn good.

I know I got lucky with this client, and that I need to work on my bidding, as well as getting a better grasp of what I'm capable of, but i know I'll get better as I go.

I've done a couple residences since then, and have a few more lined up over the next couple days, but it's really exciting for me and kind of nice to have my first bid and job finished, finally. Just wanted to share.
We've all done similar at the beginning. I did some shrub trimming and weed pulling recently. I had a good idea on what I thought shrub trimming would be since I had done 31 shrubs for a guy a few weeks prior. That took my wife and I 4 hrs, so I based my estimate on that. This job had fewer shrubs, but several were much larger. I had a helptmer that I thought would knock out the weeds while we did the shrubs. Took 3 of us 9 hours. I stuck to my bid of 725. Lady said are you sure I thought that was pretty low. Last time I paid 960. I said yeah, I'll stick to my bud, but take tips if you feel inclined. She wrote a check for 800. So I learned that weed pulling takes forever, and huge shrubs take longer than I thought, even with a pole trimmer. That's why I charge per shrub based on size of it.

Keep notes and learn for the next time. That's all you can do. You don't know how long it takes for something until you do it. As you grow and get money, you get better equipment to do the jobs faster.
in time u will become much more efficient.. regular over large grown box woods for me use to take 3 hours. 41 of them. Now it only takes about an hour to trim and 30 mins to clean up. And that 725 will be like taking candy from a baby!

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U could also just bid the lawn care maintenance for monthly mowing and not bill for weed control. If you “offer it for free” you don’t need a license. Just round up it. That’s the easiest way to do it .. or take the test it’s really simple they give you all the info during the test you study for which is going to be on the test and u can perform the weed control while waiting for your results. Anyone with an IQ of 2 should be able to pass that test..

Yeah, that’d still be illegal. Unless it’s your own property, you need a license.

I don’t know if you have a license or have ever taken the test but they don’t give you the info during the test. Also, it’s not just 1 test, it’s 2 separate tests, most of the the time. Most states have a “core” exam you have to pass and then each category you want to certify in will have a test to pass as well.

You could also sub the weed control portion of a job out to someone with a license.

I know I know, doing things the legal way takes way more thought and effort.

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