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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by maxwilbryan, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. maxwilbryan

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    The deal is this: I just completed my first install (4 valves). I have just bid my 2nd job and secured it. It is 325ftx250. Flat/no trees. cost of materials $3,000 (pgp rotors 96, valves 12). How does $12,400 sound? I'll rent a riding trencher (hopefully finishing with that in a day-feasable?). Thinking of assembling valves/heads-flexpipe in advance). I got one dude who helped me on the small install and thats it for his experience. Pump installed, taping into existng, clock has room for these stations. I'm being advised to shoot mainline down middle of yard and branch zones from there.
    Could you guys please give me some feedback on #1 if i priced this ok #2 advise on being a efficiant as possible #3 anything

    You have no idea how much i'd appreciate some love. Thanks-Max

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    Not much to go on but price looks reasonable 130/rotor. Take some pics. Give us a GPS of the site. Remember a 12 zone is just three 4 zone systems. Break it down to small bites. Don't over trench unless you have lots of bodies to keep busy.
  3. Dripit good

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    What size pump are using? Better hope you're getting a minimum 24gpm from it if you plan on running 8 rotors per zone. What size valves and mainline are you using?

    $3,000.00 seems a tad low for what you plan on using. Also $12,400.00 is least for this area. Maybe you don't have much competition to deal with where you are at. Good luck to you.

    (Can't help you out on the love part............sorry)
  4. Waterit

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    $130 a rotor is excellent money for down here. Cost of materials seems a little low, would think closer to $4K.

    Without pics, can't advise mainline layout, we usually stick to one side or the other, seldom go down middle (that's usually where that big-@ss stump was left:laugh:).

    As Dripit advised, don't overtrench - cut only what can be piped AND backfilled in a day. We usually average about 1500 ft. of pipe installed per day, 3-man crew (one rides, one cleans, one pipes, then rider and cleaner backfill while piper does manifold/wiring/valve boxes).

    Fast isn't always best, especially for someone new.

    And as Fimco advised, look at it as (3) 4-zone systems.
  5. maxwilbryan

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    1 1/2" mline to 3/4" laterals. Existing system is running 7-8 rotors so im guessin it'll be ok. 2 1/2 gpm nozzles. as for price i came in 4 grand below other bidder.
    Fimco- So you are saying what now? 3 four zone systems. I know this is elementry but im trying to picture this. Mainline down middle with 3valves per box im assuming.
    I'd send a pic but i swear to you its a flat rectangle-cut and dry.
  6. maxwilbryan

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    Thanks Waterit. I'll role like that.
  7. BrandonV

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    just curious if it's wide open why don't you step up to a bigger rotor than a pgp?
  8. Mdirrigation

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    First you are way low , especially when the next bidder was 4 grand higher. second you are basically doing a football field with the sidelines , use a larger head , not pgp something for a sports field . The added cost of the head will be ofset due to using a lot less heads. Dont use 1 in valves , go to at least 1 1/2 if not a 2 in valve , let the water flow and raise the laterals to 1 pvc in minimum. Dont they plow there , save time and labor . backfilling and tamping trenches is time consuming. This is your second job , just remember it has to work to get paid . I believe you may have bid too low .
  9. Waterit

    Waterit LawnSite Silver Member
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    That also occurred to me, of course AFTER my original post.:hammerhead:

    Something like a Falcon would be perfect IMO if you have the pressure.
  10. Bigred350

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    You need to rethink your design. I would use bigger heads, valves and pipe.

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