First "Big" LV residential need help

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Flow Control, May 1, 2007.

  1. Flow Control

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    The first "big" one is for a backyard & side of home. The front yard was done during time of construction.

    No huge difficulties for installation just a few bores. 3 different transformer locations (2 inground transformers) 2750' of 12-2 wire.

    Pathway lights: qty 19 my price is based on a avg. fixture anything above 60 wholesale will be added to final price

    Well Lights: qty 35

    Accent Lights: qty 15

    Flood Lights: qty 31

    Stair Lights: qty 20

    Putting Green Lights: qty 9

    My price is under 25k, am I in the ballpark?

    The second job I looked at today included: EASY install, no bores all bed work. All fixtures are within 55' of transformers

    Pathways: qty 29

    Floods: qty 20

    Accents: qty 8

    Well: qty 6

    Wire: 1250' 12-2

    Transformers: qty 3

    My price I figured came in under 12k Am I in the ballpark?

    Most of my past experience is just in 20 or less fixtures. And now I come accross two possible "homeruns"
  2. NightScenes

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    I guess your kind of in the ball park. What kind of overhead do you have? How long have you been installing lighting? What is your experience level? These things would help determine pricing a little better. Your around $200 average per fixture which is pretty good.
  3. Chris J

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    If your bidding the job, your probably a little under "average". As I understand it, the guys in the midwest are averaging around $250 per fixture (at least this is what they claim). It really all depends on what products you are using, and how much the project is going to cost you. When it comes to very large or very small jobs, a "per fixture" price guide is not sufficient. Your profit margin will be very high on the large ones, and almost non existent on the small ones. If it were me, and in my area, I would probably be satisfied with these numbers for these particular jobs....although I wouldn't be using any well lights. 2 cents.

    Chris J
  4. extlights

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    I would say you're close. As Paul stated, there are a lot of things to consider when pricing..... pricing strategies shouldn't be based on what other companies might be charging. If you have no overhead then you're at a good price. If you have a lot of overhead, then you might be a little low. As far as midwest companies....I find it pretty doubtful that they are averaging $250/fixture. We are usually higher than most of our competitors and we don't average $250/fixture.
  5. Chris J

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    I'd like to doubt it too, but I can only tell you what others have told me. Do you know of a company called Landscape Illumination? Darrin ribs me at every conference/seminar that I see him at that we don't charge enough down here. My only defense is that our soil is so sandy and soft, we can install most lighting systems in 4 hours or less with two men (as long as it's 20 fixtures or less)
  6. niteliters

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    Question can't be answered with info given. 12 years experience doing what? mentioned first big job? How many have you completed? My guess is not many if your on a chat room asking strangers what to charge for your work. You need to forget about trying to charge what others charge and invest the time in figuring it out yourself. We all charge differently for many different reasons. If you have been in any business for 12 years you should be able to figure your costs...material/labor/overhead etc. As far as trying to figure your profit, after figuring your costs factor in what you think is a fair profit for you to make given knowledge/experience etc. My advice to you would be don't sell a mercedes and install a chevy.
  7. Chris J

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    Well put my friend.

  8. Pro-Scapes

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    Well said Chris. I see more guys that have problems pricing lights and mulch than anything.

    I too pondered pricing alot and asked questions. Now... I get what the job is worth not some generic average.

    Case in point. Just came off a 14 light install... 396 per light. Had to bore a fountain wall.. driveway bore... rewire someone elses mess a bit... tree light 32 ft up and some deck lights mounted in a dry stacked wall. PITA so it commanded more of a price. Had to cover tree climber to come in and hang light.

    Quick 1 day 25 light job we did 2 weeks ago went for just under 200 per light. Simple... only a 3 ft sidewalk to punch. Soft soil. GFCI already installed waiting for us and just minutes from our home.

    Made about same per hour at both jobs.
  9. niteliters

    niteliters LawnSite Senior Member
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    Where in the midwest are you?
  10. TXNSLighting

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    its odd, here in texas our companies vary so much. the lowest ive seen is 215 a light. and ive seen them as high as 285 per light. these are for the same jobs tho! me im at 220-250 per light. it just really depends on everything involved. how many sidewalks to go under, will there be any drilling, am i landscaping also? If their getting landscaping also, i knock the price down. ive been subbing out the lighting jobs, but i am starting my first one next week. Im very excited about it. And this site has definately helped. thanks to all. But anyways we would charge a hair over thirty thousand for that first job, and prob around 15,000 for the second job. just shows you the different markets.

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