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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Keegan, Feb 24, 2011.

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    The other day a lady calls up wanting organic lawn care and can I look at her property. I said sure but I would like to wait until all the snow is gone. I still have 6" on my lawn and I'm only a mile or 2 from her. She got mad I said that and basically hung up on me.

    I hope this is not a pre cursor of what to come. :dizzy:
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    PR, PR, PR, are the 3 most importants aspects of the business...

    What did you do instead of go talk to her?
  3. Sounds like just the person you don't want as a customer. If she want's instant gratification it may be more trouble than the money is worth.

    It may be a good idea to have something 'canned' that you qualify the prospect; "Well typically, our program entails XY and Z which takes place in April, May, June (ect). Typically that will cost X per 1,000 square feet. How does that sound? Good. Every property is different. You will need an assessment of your turf so that we can meet your expaectations. I'm available to do this for a $50.00 fee which we will credit if you proceed with our recommendations. Is that something that you are interested in? Good, are you able to meet me at your property on March 20th so I can examine the turf? Great Mrs. Jones, I'll see you at 12:00 on March 20th.

    We're very good at treating people's plants without pesticides, but by and large I see us not being the best business people. Please, do not take offence. I'm just making a very simple suggestion and trying to raise the bar in this industry.

    Let's say you go to a doctor or lawer. Does he/she give her time away? NO! Does that doctor or lawer give you a cost estimate....NO! Do you walk away without giving that doctor or lawer a check? NO!

    We can do better than being lead around by our tails giving estimates. People EXPECT professionals to charge their worth. Do not dissapoint them.
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    I'm doing bids with snow on the ground. Have doen them for 2 years now. Works GREAT! Next time they get moody tell them to call me *jokes* ;)

    Gotta love google earth. :)
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    Do lawn care guys spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and years and years of study to obtain their "right" to practice in our industry? I'm just not sure I agree with this one.

    If a window washer or a maid wanted to compare themselves to a doctor when I am trying to get a bid I am going to RUN the other direction... As a consumer no way do I want someone with that mentality charging me for such relatively simple work...
  6. dKoester

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    You could of just went over to her property with some sample programs pictures of your work, etc. Sounds like you need to improve on customer service.
  7. It's a mindset JD. I spent too much of my time in the past chasing my tail giving free estimates. I changed my ways and spend more time making money as opposed to spending my time with people who need to be convinced (educated) as to the value of my services.

    It's called an up front contract. I will do this for you, this is what you will do for me.

    You are a professional and so am I. This work is not all that simple. We have put much into educating ourselves. We need to be paid fairly.
  8. JDUtah

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    A mindset to not loose money is a good one, but there are many different ways to not loose money... It takes me a total of 3 minutes to receive an estimate request, measure it out, and e-mail the contract. Oh and did I mention I stay in my underwear? My advertising and quality of work convince people to hire me. Not the words I use.

    To me, convincing people that they want to hire you is done in the marketing and advertising stages. By the time they are looking for a price you have graduated to the sales stage. And in sales, your job is to find out what the person wants and give it to them. It is NOT to tell them what they want.

    It sounds like this lady wanted a quick price quote. She didn't get it. So now she is looking elsewhere for a company that is willing to give it to her.

    Just my .02 take it or leave it

    Let's see what our chemical counterparts are doing...
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  9. OrganicsMaine

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    Can you actually quantify how much our "education" costs? Yeah, you can easily do that with your college courses, but, what about all the trial and error, the "on the job training" that has cost money over the years? Plus, we are educating our clients and giving them a lot of good "free" advice in there. Oh yeah, and we are crediting that money back if they use our services. Do the lawyers/Drs. doing that?
  10. phasthound

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    I agree with Peter. I don't want that kind of customer.

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