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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawnut101, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Lawnut101

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    I just got my first call from a condo association. They want to talk to me about lawnmowing and snowplowing. I'm just scared that my young age (18) will scare them away. What can I do to seal the deal and impress them? Should I give them some references? Show them pics of our work? Basically I want to know if you guys have any advice for me, so that I can pick up my first commercial job. And for those of you that don't think I have enough experience or knowledge, please don't chime in. I'm not saying I know everything, but I can mow a lawn and make it look nice. Thanks for the help in advance.

  2. hockeypro1411

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    a good thing to do is get some pictures together and put them in a binder with the first name of the person whos lawn it is (assuming theyre a residential account, and they give you the thumbs up) as well as their phone number for references. this is also a good place to store any additional info you have about other services. when you go to meet them just dress casually (dont go after a day of working and be all sweaty, ect...), and offer to leave the binder of things with them if they dont hire you on the spot.
  3. K/B

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    Just be you. If you're good, it'll show through. Keep in mind that little things matter.
  4. Bigdog9501

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    In my opinion you need to go in confident and not worry about your age. If you are worrying about it, it will show. I think you should do what Hockeypro and KB said. Make sure you are well prepared, present yourself well and give it your best. If it doesnt work out then you can look yourself in the mirror and say you tried your best and move on. Good luck!
  5. E & J Pro Turf

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    First of all you need to try and relax about your age. Find out want they want done or expect done. People always feel in control if they are the ones doing the talking. Let em talk.................... Make sure you can make money at this account before you commit. We have all made this mistake before. How and when do you get paid? My point is, there is always alot more too this, then your age. If you don't get hooked up with them, make sure you learn something from this. Don't over commit. Keep us posted on your results.

    Good Luck
  6. JohnnyRoyale

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    Reality is, your not going to land every job that calls you looking for a price. And eventually, you'll be picking through the calls that seem like a more appropriate fit for you before you even entertain them-but you'll only know what works for you, after you give it a shot.
    My advice to you is to look professional, speak truthfully, be honest, price fairly, and good luck. If the property is beyond your capabilities, be truthful about it, and walk away, the last thing you want is to blow your brains out on a job you underbid.

    You may want to ease your way into this market, vs jumping in head first. I commend you for speaking to others that do this type of work for advice, as I opted to dive in head first and the experience cost me lots of aggravation and $$$-imo, HOA's as you call them down there are a PITA, and although we did a number of them in the past, I no longer entertain them.
  7. MAD87

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    Diddo. Be yourself and do your best! It's not the end of the world if you don't get it. Just get back up and keep trying!:)
  8. ed2hess

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    You are going to have to be prepared to address why you think you can do this as a solo if you have no experience with something this size. And what about fertilizing, irrigation, bushes, weed control, disease control, mulching, tree trimming. And when will you do this.....they generally want it done when they are not there.
  9. Lawnut101

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    I'm not Solo and I have mowed a big complex last fall when I worked for another landscaper. It took me 4 hours. As far as fertilizing, I'm getting certified and insured for that this fall. I'm going to college this fall for everything that you mentioned. So I feel like I can take it on. What do you mean they want it done when they are not there?
  10. Lawnut101

    Lawnut101 LawnSite Silver Member
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    Also thanks to all you other guys that chimed in. I will keep you posted. I'm real excited.

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