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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Viking Aeration, Aug 5, 2006.

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    Hi All,

    Well got surprised again from my "grass roots" marketing, got a call from a fella, who has Home Depot/Rona specials......called me and said "I am interested in some lighting" (pretty Gen eh?:canadaflag: )

    Anyway, this was only my second call, so still new and still developing my phone style as it pertains to LSL.....So chatted wih him and went to see him last night.....They live in a nice non fancy bungalow, with a bit of average self done Landscaping. He told me he is interested in illuminating his blue spruce in front, and wants some lighting in his (partially developed garden bed) thats on the R as you look at the front of the property.

    He is interested i getting rid of his crooked lights and expanding a bit, perhaps next spring.......His idea (which I'm not sure about) is to light his spruce from the house side......and he wants some illumination in his Garden area...I explained the basics of LSL, what it can do, what it can Highlight, how it can bring out features, and hide others as well....I also went over a few Lighting Tech....

    So this is what I thought....(and remember this is what he'd like to start with)
    2-3 Mushrom spreads (paths) Vista.....I was looking at the photometrics and figure the light dispertion is better for that space than a china type....

    Silohetting (sp?) the tree, but again am just starting, and realized after the fact that the best way for that effect is if you have a light wall behind it...these 2 trees don't...I am hestiant to rear light it (I gotta get a few lights and a 12v and see what it might look like...)

    Anyway wells won't work as spruces taper to the top, so I think you'd have to spot it?! 20W MR16? tree is about 4.5 wide, so I shold get a bulb that has the appropriate spread? yes?

    Anyway, feel free all to look at the pics, any thoughts? I am new, have read over the Concepts principles, Techiques, but this would be my first real world job.....I just wish to give him a really nice looking job! So neighbours go WOW!

    Eventually I'd put in a few wells cascading up on the 45 deg front window corners, and perhaps spot the 2 trees on either side of garage...(can't well them effectivly...)

    Oh Trans can go in garage, but will have to run conduit under pathway to Ft door, he said no problem....(Drill through mortar run main line down to ground and under interlock then out to a junction point? am I somewhat right?) I'll have the Vsta Rep assist me....ay advise on this would be great as well!

    Many thanks all!!!!

    full front.jpg

    tree fm R.jpg

    fnt L 2trees.jpg

    view fm door.jpg

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    i dont know canadian code but check your codes before mounting outdoor only transformers indoors.

    If you light that tree from behind make sure you dont get alot of glare out into the road. Have you considered par 36 wells just outside the tree ring and angle them in a bit? not sure if this would work but im sure some of the more experienced guys would answer that. I've not used well lights yet as we have an incredible amount of pinestraw around here.

    Doesnt he want to light the home behind that tree ?That turret would look great if you placed a simple series of uplights between the windows. Be sure to use louvers near the walkway to help eliminate glare. Since your going to be working in the garage as you stated maybe downlighting the area to the left of the front door from the eves of the home. This would enable you to place a full glow on the bushes plus effectively light the walkway 2 to 3 20 watt downlights would look great.

    I just got some inexpensive fixtures and a 12v battery to experiment on properties where im not sure where to go. Clients generally understand that you just want to get everything "just right" for them.

    Again there are alot more guys on here that have alot more experience. I have only done a handful of projects compared to Matt or Paul or Sean and others

    Before you beat your head on this project have you preprofiled your client and he knows where your systems start at? He is obviously a do it yourselfer. if you design all this how sure are you he is going to go with you vs going to home depot and doing this himeself like he has already started to do?

    Another thing I noticed. The garage area in front might look really snappy with some low profile down lights too ???? just a thought I could be wrong but... at least some up and downlight sconces.
  3. Viking Aeration

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    Hi Billy hey thanks so much on your brought up some points that (as I could've guessed, didn't think of)...OK

    1 - Yes I'll check about installing trans in a garage, if I may ask, in proffessional LSL do the Trans generally go on the outside? (I just thought of asthetics)....good point...

    2 - Cool, Par 36 Wells angled in eh?:canadaflag: Cdn! LOL! sorry couldnt resist! Good idea....that would put less Directional light out to the road...Hmmmm....

    3 - 2 Uplights on turret, yes! that I pointed out to's one of the obvious choices.....he liked it....may not do it this year, but add it on next spring he said.....depends on budget...

    4 - OK, you got me totally! great idea on the down lights! your right!!! if I'm in the garage anyway it should be fairly easy to put in 2 down lights...yes they'd look great, and as you said nicely illuminate the Bed and walkway both at once/.....PS, would I use a well upside down in this case? mounted in the soffate? pls advise....tks....

    5 - Your last suggestion of garage frontage....lookin snappy with 2 "Low profile" down you mean the Vista Flush mount lights ? or ones I'd have to cut through the brick? I was thinking how nice it'd look if I could up-light the 2 front points of the garage.....but the way the grass and driveway are, doesn't really make it feasable....

    Hey really thanks sooo much Billy apprieciate it!!! I really thought of some good points....Feel free if anything else comes to mind...

    cheers for now! (If I get this I'm going to post the before and after pics....) cross your thumbs.....:canadaflag:
  4. Pro-Scapes

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    no well lights upside down. Several manufactures have lights made for downlighting.

    As far as downlighting the front I would use just that... downlights.

    Ask your vista rep for some good examples. I would preffer something really short if you can find one. I dont like to see fixtures. I couldnt see the eves but if they are enclosed it would need to either be recessed or something very attractive and fitting to the home.

    If he is seriously concerned about budget he may not go for all of this. Instead of uplighting the garage pillars downlight them. get a light with a long lead and a 12v battery and go play with it one night.

    Another option is wall sconces where it uplights and downlights at the same time. I think kichler and focus among others have thoes too

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